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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 720

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 720

Old Madam Hill reminded Shaun, “By the way, Suzie’s a little over two years old but not three years old yet. When you’re buying presents, buy them according to her age. Also, let meinformyou that I’m letting Suzie use the room that was prepared for the twins previously. You won’t be using it now anyway.“

She hung up the call after she finished speaking.

Shaun held his phone and remained in the same position for a long time.

A little over two years old.

If Catherine’s children were alive, they would have been around that age too.

At that moment, his phone rang again.

It was Sarah who called. “Shaunic, do you still have to work extra hours today?

Didn’t we agree to pick a wedding shoot package together later?”

“I don’t have time today. I have to go to the manor after I finish my work, so I won’t be going home, ” Shaun explained.

Sarah bit her lip. “Are you still angry at me because my brother got someone to destroy Catherine’s house? Shaunic, I really didn’t know about it. I warned him before, but sometimes he just doesn’t listen to me. I’m sorry. Your reputation is damaged because I have a brother like that…”

“Sarah, let bygones be bygones. But I suggest that you keep your distance from him. He’s already beyond saving, ” Shaun interrupted her.

Listening to some words once or twice would make him feel bad for her.

However, when it was brought up too often, he would just be even more repulsed by Thomas.

“ .. Okay,“ Sarah replied embarrassedly.

“I really have a matter to attend to at the manor today.“

After Shaun ended the call, he asked Hadley to prepare presents for the child.

When Hadley heard that Liam had a two- year-old illegitimate daughter, he was in a daze.

“Why are you in a daze? Go, quickly.“ Shaun glared at him.

After Hadley went out, he immediately found a spot and dialed Catherine’s number. “Miss Jones, could Second Young Master’s illegitimate daughter possibly be…“

“You’re right. It’s Suzie, ” Catherine explained everything to Hadley helplessly.

Hadley was dumbfounded.

No one knew that Catherine’s ‘ miscarriage’ three years ago had been something that he and Liam helped set up.

Back then, Catherine had indeed bled after Shaun pushed her. The children were almost lost, but they still survived in the end.

Furthermore, even if Catherine gave birth to the twins, she definitely could not get the children’s custody. The children would surely be abused if they were to fall into Sarah’s hands.

Therefore, he had contacted Liam. Liam immediately bribed the doctor and told the doctor to tell everyone that Catherine had a miscarriage.

Hadley thought Shaun would divorce Catherine and let her leave after she miscarried, but he never thought that Sarah would instigate Shaun to send Catherine to a mental hospital.

He and Liam were very anxious during that period of time.

Luckily, they successfully faked Catherine’s death afterward and her children were safely born overseas.

Hadley did not expect that the little miss would return as Liam’s illegitimate daughter in the end.

This was for the better too. At least Suzie could go back to the Hill family for once and not be targeted by Sarah as well. 1

Since it was for Little Miss, Hadley went t o the mall immediately and bought many clothes and toys that little girls would like. Obviously, he used President Hill’s card to pay for them. President Hill owed his daughter too much anyway.

6:30 p.m.

A sedan drove into the Hill family’s manor.

After Shaun got down from the car, Hadley opened the trunk. Shaun’s expression darkened when he saw that the trunk was filled to the brim. “Who allowed you to buy so many things?“

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