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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 719

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 719

“You noticed it too?“

Lea laughed bitterly. “Liam, what kind of person do you think your dad is?“

Liam opened his mouth for a second, but he remained silent in the end.

Three years ago, everyone had suspected him when the pictures of Shaun in the mental hospital were leaked. Only Liam himself knew that he was innocent.

When he learned that the news originated from the Campos family, he had more or less guessed that it was Mason who did it.

His dad may appear gentlemanly and uninterested in everything, but what was seen on the outside might not be real.

Unfortunately, no matter how much he asked, Mason would never reply to his questions directly.

All those years, Liam had felt suffocated working in Hill Corporation. However, Mason had never mentioned anything about helping him at all. The time Mason spent with him was not even as much as the time Mason spent with Charlie.

Whenever Liam went to the Campos family, the people there would be friendly to him on the surface. There was once when he wanted to have a stake in his second uncle’s new project because he thought it was not bad. However, his uncle made an excuse saying that he had already contracted out the project to other people as it did not bring many profits.

Liam found out afterward that Second Uncle did not contract out the project but let a nephew from his wife’s side have a stake in it.

A biological nephew turned out to be inferior to a nephew from his wife’s side.

Not only that, but one time when he went to the Campos family’s place for New Year’s when he was young, he saw that Granny had his favorite candies in her pocket. Granny said the candies were finished when he asked for some, but he saw her secretly giving the candies to Charlie.

He was her grandson too.

He eventually thought that maybe it was because his last name was Hill.

Therefore, although the Campos family had gradually become Australia’s second- most influential family, Liam still kept a distance from them.

“Mom, am I really Dad’s biological son?“ He asked that question all of a sudden.

Lea was stunned for a moment and then her expression darkened. She said, “ Whose son are you if not your dad’s? Are you saying that I had an affair with someone else?“

“That’s not what I meant. Forget it, I was just saying.“

Liam left after he spoke.

Lea’s mind wandered elsewhere. She could not help but recall some things from the past.

On the day she got pregnant with Liam, she had just divorced Brennan. She was in a bad mood and got drunk. It was Mason who had sent her back home afterward. Without realizing it, they had sex with each other.

In Hill Corporation.

Afterhis meeting ended, Shaun looked at his phone and saw four missed calls from Old Madam Hill.

He called her back. Old Madam Hill scolded him bluntly, “Are you accompanying that woman, Sarah, again? You didn’t even pick up my calls.“

“ I was in a meeting, “ Shaun explained helplessly.

“Okay then. Come to the manor after you get off work. There’ll be a party at the manor tonight. Did your mon tell you yet?”

“Do you think she’ll call me?”

“Fine,” Old Madam Hill said happily, “It turns out that Liam, that little brat, has an illegitimate daughter. I didn’t know about it at first, but I ran into them today.
Ah, that little darling is so cute. Tonight, I plan to get every member of the Hill family to come over and host a party for my little darling. You as her uncle, must be present. You have to prepare presents and pocket money too.”

“Liam has an illegitimate daughter?” Shaun rubbed his brows. He felt oddly relieved.

If Liam already had an illegitimate daughter, Catherine would definitely not consider dating him.

“She was an illegitimate daughter, but she’s no longer one anymore. She’s the official little princess of the Hill family. She’s even the youngest little princess in the family.

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