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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 717

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 717

“Mom, stop mentioning the past. Maybe things were just not meant to be with Catherine. “Valerie was quite happy about it, but she could not show it.

“Okay, I don’t think this hospital’s environment is good. Let’s go back to the Hill family’s manor. Get a medical team to come over so that Suzie doesn’t need to go to the trouble of staying in the hospital, “Old Master Hill ordered.

Suzie was the Hill family’s first great— granddaughter. She had to be raised with care.

When the Hill family left the hospital When the Hill family left the hospital together with Suzie, Catherine walked out from the corner of a wall while holding Lucas’ hand.

It was a lie to say that she was not angry nor sad.

However, when she saw Suzie happily in Lea’s arms, she felt uncomfortable in her heart too.

Although Suzie had never said it aloud, Catherine knew that Suzie was envious of other kids who had grandparents.

Maybe… this was for the better. If Suzie returned to the Hill family as Liam’s daughter, the Hill family members would cherish her. Liam would not fight with her for Suzie as well.

It was just that the daughter she had worked so hard to raise was suddenly with the Hill family now. She felt miserable and upset.

“Lucas, do you envy Suzie? Do you want to return to the Hill family too?“

Catherine glanced down at her son.

Lucas shook his head. “ I don’t like the Hill family. I like being with Mom even more.“

He held Catherine’s hand tightly after saying that.

Compared to Suzie, Lucas’ features were more similar to Catherine’s.

Catherine went soft-hearted and hugged him tightly.

“Mom, don’t look so down. That brat, Suzie, just finds it interesting for now. She’ll definitely be crying for you a few days later, “Lucas said calmly.

“Okay. “Catherine sighed.

Never mind. She had been worried about letting Suzie go back to the US anyway.

Granddad.” Lucas’ eyes were overflowing with joy.

Catherine suddenly realized that children needed other family members too.

Suzie was thrilled when she arrived at the Hill family’s manor for the first time.

The manor was huge, and flowers were blooming everywhere. There were many cute little animals as well. She could even swim and ride horses here.

She said happily to Lea, “Granny, I love it here. I’ve never seen such a huge manor before.”

Lea and Old Madam Hill were grinning from ear to ear. It was rare to see Old Master Hill in a good mood too. “This is your home from now on. There’s a big playground behind that building too.”

“Really? If there’s a playground here,

does that mean there’ll be other kids who’ll play with me?” Suzie asked ecstatically.

Old Master Hill’s expression stiffened. That large-scale playground was initially built for Catherine’s twins, but he never thought…

Lea said gently, “There are no other kids. It was prepared by your great- grandparents for the great- grandchildren of the Hill family. But you’ll have to wait until you recover before going there to play. Let’s go.

Come, Granny will bring you to the kids’ room now.”

Old Madam Hill whispered to Liam who was behind her, “We didn’t know that you have a child, so we didn’t prepare a new kids’ room. But this room is new too. It was prepared for Shaun’s twins previously. After sometime ”

“It’s alright, Granny. That room is quite. However, having a child who looked almost exactly like Shaun was a time bomb as well. Lucas could be exposed at any second.

She should just let things be. Suzie was safer with the Hill family anyway.

“Lucas, since Suzie has gone to the manor, you don’t have to go back to the US either.”

“Really?” Lucas raised his head with gleaming eyes.

“Yes. Mom will find a kindergarten for you. I’ll discuss it with Uncle Liam and enroll you and Suzie in the same kindergarten. But you can’t live with me for now. Your granddad is getting discharged from the hospital a few days later. You can live with your granddad for some time and help me take care of him too.”

“That’s great. I can finally meet nice too, “Liam muttered. The things that had been prepared for the twins still ended up belonging to them. They were not given to the wrong people. “Okay. “Old Madam Hill felt that Liam was becoming more generous and mature. “Suzie, tell Granny your full name.

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