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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 716

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 716

“No. Drive here and pick me up. Let’s go there together. “

At the hospital.

Old Madam Hill had already informed everyone in the family.

Liam hurriedly sent a message to Catherine in secret, telling her not to bring Lucas along later.

His grandmother was ecstatic that she now had a granddaughter. If there turned out to be a grandson as well, they would be done for.

Catherine, who was on the way to the hospital, felt that it was absurd.

Her good daughter was gone in a night and had become Liam’s daughter now.

Liam was totally unreliable.

In less than an hour, Old Master Hill, Lea, Mason, Valerie, and Spencer arrived.

They all had doubts at first. However, when they saw Suzie’s face, they did not dare to have any more doubts.

She looked very much like Lea when she was young.

Lea was smitten with Suzie at first glance. She was a career-oriented woman, so she had never thought of having many children and grandchildren. Nevertheless, when she saw such an adorable granddaughter who looked just like her when she was younger, her heart almost melted.

Just as she walked over, Suzie looked up a t her and said, “I know. You must be my granny.”

“I told you so. Suzie’s very clever, as expected of the Hill family’s grandchild.” Old Madam Hill was smug like a kid.

Lea laughed as well. “Yes, I’m your granny. How did you know?”

Suzie tilted her head and thought for a moment. “You look a bit like my daddy, so I thought you must be my granny.

Besides, when you smile at me… it looks really different. It looks like the expression the granny, who was my neighbor, has when she comes to pick Nicky up.”

“Who’s Nicky?”

“My playmate. He has grandparents. They treat him very well. I… I don’t have grandparents,” Suzie said sadly as she lowered her head, but she quickly smiled again. “But now I do.” “Yes, you have a granny and a grandpa from now on.” Lea felt bad for her and carried Suzie in her arms. Then, she glared at Liam. “You actually kept such an important matter from me for so long.

I’ll deal with you later.”

Old Master Hill harrumphed. “The Hill family’s grandchild was so pitiful to the point that she envied others for having grandparents. Kids need their family’s love. You should’ve brought her back sooner. By the way, who’s her mother?

Why did she leave Suzie here alone?”

Liam had already thought of an excuse. He explained immediately, “Actually, I didn’t know of her existence before this too. I just learned about her recently. Her mom is just a waitress at a bar. I simply thought she was pretty back then, so… I kept her for some time. After that, I got bored, so I gave her some money and let her leave.

“I straight forwardly told her that she wasn’t good enough for me and that it was impossible for her to be accepted into the Hill family. But I never thought that she would be pregnant at that time. She passed away due to cancer some time ago, and she left the child to me. “

After hearing his words, tears instantly flowed from Suzie’s eyes. “Mom… “

“Alright, don’t cry. Granny will be with you from now on. “Lea patted her small head dearly. “Come, this is your grandpa. “

“Suzie. “Mason smiled at her and said, “ Why do I feel that she looks more similar to Shaun?“

“That’s right. I have that feeling too, “ Valerie said.

Liam’s heart skipped a beat. He said, “I can’t do anything about it. After all, Shaun and I were birthed by the same mother.“

” It’s normal. Some girls look like their uncles,“ Old Madam Hill lamented,“ If Shaun’s twins were alive, they would’ve been around this child’s age as well.“

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