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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 714

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 714

“She’s my biological niece. I’ll definitely treat her well.” Liam waved his hand.

“…Alright.” Catherine nodded as she understood her daughter’s intention. “I’ll get you some good food tomorrow.”

When Catherine left with Lucas, she saw Liam entertaining Suzie who looked delighted.

She could not help but recall the time when Suzie was just born. Suzie had always cried and disliked anyone else carrying her except for Catherine.

However, when Liam came back to visit Suzie and carried her, she would stop crying. She also enjoyed clinging to Liam in particular.

Perhaps this was the exemplification of the saying ‘blood is thicker than water’, or perhaps, it was because Liam bore a passing resemblance to Shaun. The child could actually feel it.

When Suzie was in Liam’s arms at night, she suddenly whispered to him, “Uncle Liam, is my scummy dad friendly like you when he deals with kids?”

Liam was stunned. At the sight of the cute child whose face was pale because of her injuries, he could not help but say, “If he sees such a cutie like you, he’ll surely be friendly to you. Are you keen on having… dad?”

“I don’t know.” All of a sudden, Suzie pouted as her eyes reddened. “When those people barged in that night, I was really scared. I was thinking… how nice it would’ve been if Daddy was around, but I didn’t tell Mommy about it. I was afraid she’d be upset.”

”You’re such a good kid, Suzie.” Liam let out a long sigh.

Shaun must have been hit by karma. If Liam had such an adorable kid, he would certainly pamper her like a princess. “If there’s anything, you can look for me. Just treat me as your dad.”


Suzie slowly fell asleep as she leaned on Liam.
The next morning , a nurse reminded Liam to bring Suzie to the fourth floor for a CT brain scan by 8:00 a.m.

Liam asked Suzie to wear her mask properly as ordered by Catherine when they walked there.

However, Suzie took off her mask once she stepped into the CT room.

Once the CT scan was done, someone tapped Liam on the back before he could put on the mask for Suzie.

When he turned around, Old Madam Hill was staring at Suzie with surprise. “Liam, whose kid is this?’

Inwardly stupefied, Liam stammered, “G-Granny, why are you here?”

“I’m asking you whose kid this is.” Old Madam Hill was so anxious that she directly pulled on his ear.
“She… She’s my friend’s kid.“ As soon as Liam finished speaking, Old Madam Hill slapped him.“ How dare you lie to me?! You think my vision has become blurry, huh? Look at how alike both of you are. Is she your illegitimate daughter?”

Liam was so shocked that an incredulous look washed over his face. “No, I…”

“How dare you keep denying it?! Are you going to deny it until I bring her to do a DNA test?” Old Madam Hill glowered at Him ferociously.

In an instant, it felt as if there was something stuck in his throat.

If the DNA test did not indicate that he was her father but showed that Suzie was related to him, it would cause serious trouble.

“Little kid, tell me whether he’s your dad.”

Old Madam Hill smiled gently while lowering her head to look at Suzie. What an adorable kid. With her soft cheeks and bright eyes, she looked exactly like Lea when she was younger. Old Madam Hill wondered how Suzie injured her forehead.

“Oh no, how did you get injured, my dear great-grandchild? If it had not been for her old age, Old Madam Hill would have carried Suzie.

The corners of Liam’s mouth twitched when Old Madam Hill called Suzie het great-grandchild.

Suzie lifted her head and looked at Old Madam Hill curiously. When she heard Uncle Liam calling her Granny, she thought Old Madam Hill was her great- grandmother. Seeing her great-grandmother’s friendly smile, Suzie was already unconsciously fond of her.

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