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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 712

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 712

When faced with four men at night, a pretty woman would not be able to defeat them. She might even get…

Shaun subconsciously tightened his grip on the steering wheel. “There’s a school district in the Hackett neighborhood where many students stay. The security around the area is tight, so how dare they break into the house and steal things at 10 p.m.?”

“Yeah, this is the first serious case that has happened there. The police have arrested the four criminals. The criminals claimed that they heard Miss Jones is the successor of Yule Corporation and thought she’s wealthy, so they went there to rummage for valuable items.

“Having said that, it’s my first time hearing burglars smashing everything in the house. They smashed everything in sight till the house was beyond all recognition. It’s not even fit for a human to stay there now. It seems like they were… taking revenge.”

Shaun rubbed his temples. After a moment, he said sternly, “Go and investigate whether this incident has to do with Thomas.”

An hour later, Shaun received the news from Hadley when he was in the office.

“Thomas’ assistant transferred money to the four recidivists’ family members. Each of them received 500,000 dollars.”

As soon as he finished that sentence, Shaun, who was seated on the leather chair, turned around and threw the dart he was holding right in the center of the dartboard on the wall.

“Hadley, do you think… I’m treating Thomas too kindly?” Shaun’s handsome face turned grim, and his mouth was curved into a frosty smile.

Hadley was at a loss for words. Not only was Shaun treating Thomas too kindly, but he had also gone as far as crossing the baseline of morality.

Nevertheless, Hadley reminded Shaun cautiously, “It’s because you can’t bear to see Miss Neeson get upset, right?”


A frosty look flashed across Shaun’s eyes.

He lowered his head and rubbed his weary brows.

Indeed, he was doing everything for Sarah’s sake.

Three years ago, he did not want to save Thomas, yet he did it against his conscience because of Sarah.

This was why Catherine had been holding a grudge against him. He had no choice but to imprison Catherine. Ultimately, he lost his children all because of his plans.

Some time ago, Shaun even disputed a lawsuit against his conscience for Thomas and destroyed a family.

What he got in return was not an improvement in Thomas’ behavior. Instead, Thomas only grew bolder with his actions.

“Submit the evidence to the police,” Shaun suddenly said.

Hadley was stunned for a moment. “But if Miss Neeson finds out—”

“If she comes to see me because of this matter, don’t let her in.” Shaun turned around in his leather chair and gazed out of the French window.


Hadley nodded and eventually felt a sense of relief.

At last, Eldest Young Master Hill’s conscience was slowly being awakened.

In Neeson Corporation’s office.

When Thomas was hugging a secretary and ready to do something to her, an employee suddenly dashed in anxiously. “Oh no, President Neeson. Assistant Walker was taken away just now.”

Thomas immediately rose to his feet, and the disheveled secretary in his arms subsequently fell to the ground.

At this point, he was not in the mood to bother about her. He quickly went out and dialed Sarah’s number. “Sister, I’m dead. Assistant Walker has been taken away.”

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