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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 710

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 710

Sarah got out of the car and advised Catherine dejectedly, “Calm down, Catherine. I know the news of my marriage to Shaun has probably triggered you, but what you’re doing now is illegal. I’ve just called the police.”

Shaun was taken aback. Then, Sarah explained helplessly, “She has gone too far this time. Have you noticed the mess in our courtyard? Luckily, no one was hit. If we don’t teach her a lesson, she’ll behave more unscrupulously next time.”

Shaun kept quiet for a moment.

He was aware that Catherine still loved him, but her crazy behavior really terrified him. He felt the need to teach her a lesson as well.

Looking at the two of them, Catherine scoffed. “Stop overthinking things. I came here not because I’m jealous of your marriage. I want to warn you that my temper has its limits. Sarah Langley, you’d better keep an eye on Thomas. A few people broke into my house and smashed my things last night.

“Freya attacked Thomas in front of the media during the day and something happened to my house that same night. How could it be a coincidence? Although those people who have been arrested for barging into my house are just hooligans, the person who instructed them had to be Thomas. It can’t be anyone else.”

Shaun’s expression changed a little. Only then did he notice Catherine’s pale face and swollen eyes. It seemed that she had not slept last night and even wept.

“Was it Thomas’ doing?” He turned his head around and gazed at Sarah sternly.

“No… No way.”

Knowing nothing about the matter, Sarah began to panic.

“I called my brother yesterday. He said that he doesn’t mind Freya’s words and won’t cause you and her trouble. Catherine, I think you’ve offended a lot of people. You can’t blame my brother just because you hate me.”

“I don’t need to remind you how despicable Thomas is, do I? Three years ago, he was already bold enough to barge into Freya’s house and act violently. Despite knowing that I was pregnant at that time, he dared to push me! What’s more, his sister is going to marry into the Hill family soon. What would he be afraid of doing?”

Catherine glared at Shaun resentfully. “Go ahead and defend Thomas forever. Because of him, your reputation will be damaged sooner or later. Everyone will be disgusted by how you aid and abet him.”

Shaun’s tall figure jerked.

He clenched his fists in spite of himself. He deepened his voice and asked, “Did Thomas push you three years ago?”

“Even if he did, so what? Would you have cared? He also beat up my friend and tried to harass her. You chose to threaten me with my dad for the sake of this woman. After so many years, don’t you feel guilty about it, Shaun? Well, I don’t think you do because you’re no different from Thomas. Both of you are just cruel devils.”

If Shaun had not helped Thomas over and over again, how would Thomas have the audacity to do such a thing now and end up hurting Suzie?

At the thought of her child’s pained look, Catherine’s eyes reddened uncontrollably. She could not help but quake as well.

“You’d better keep an eye on Thomas. He ruined my house yesterday, so I ruined your place today. If he kills my friend tomorrow, I’m going to take your lives!”

Catherine’s eyes were filled with hatred.

Deep down, Shaun felt extremely sulky for no apparent reason.

He disliked how she hated him. He even disliked her tearful appearance.

Soon, the police arrived.

“President Hill, is she the one who drove into your house and made a mess?” The police walked toward Catherine.

“It’s okay. I’m not going to pursue this matter,” Shaun suddenly replied.

“Shaunic.” Sarah bit her lip. “She almost—”

“I just said that I’m not going to pursue the matter.” Shaun turned around and got into the car without bothering to look at Sarah. He soon drove away and left.

“Shaunic.” As much as Sarah wanted to go after him, he had left her behind.

He completely forgot about his promise to accompany her to the hospital for her trigger shot.

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