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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 707

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 707

Soon, those few men smashed everything in the house. Only after they finished messing up everything did they leave with satisfaction.

About five minutes after they left, the suitcase was zipped open from inside.

Lucas crawled out with a pale face and red eyes. At the same time, he clumsily carried Suzie out. Her head was covered with blood.

“Brother, it hurts so badly…” Suzie looked at him in a daze with a packet of snacks in her hand.

“Don’t be scared, Suzie. I’ll send you to the hospital right now.” Lucas was so anxious that tears trickled down his usually calm face.

As Lucas ran with Suzie on his back, he dialed 000 using his phone. Then, he called Catherine, “Mommy, Suzie is injured.”


Catherine, who had just arrived at the hospital, was overwhelmed with frustration as soon as she heard Lucas’ words. “How did she injure herself? Is it serious?”

“Mommy, I’ll talk to you later. Suzie just fainted. I’ve called the ambulance and I’m now sending her to the hospital.” Lucas sounded choked up.

Catherine knew Lucas’ personality very well. He would not be acting like this if Suzie’s injuries were not severe.

A wave of panic swept over Catherine, almost causing her to miss her footing.

By the time she hurried to the emergency room in another hospital, she saw Lucas standing weakly in the corridor alone. His arms and face were stained with blood.

The second he saw Catherine, he plopped into her arms while sobbing.

“Mommy, it was my fault. I shouldn’t have dragged Suzie into the suitcase and hidden inside with her.”

“Don’t cry. Tell me what happened.” Catherine wiped away the bloodstains on his face in agony.

“Shortly after you left, a few people barged into our house, so I went to hide in the suitcase with Suzie. They didn’t see us, but in the end, someone smashed all the things in our house. When he smashed the suitcase using a steel rod, it happened to hit Suzie’s head.”

Amid his tears, Lucas’ snot dripped. “Suzie was afraid of alarming them, so she didn’t dare make a sound no matter how painful it was. Only after they left did I take her out of the suitcase.”

Catherine trembled with anger.

Never in her wildest dreams did she expect that someone would have the audacity to barge into her house.

She dreaded imagining what would have happened to these two little kids if Lucas had not reacted quick enough to the situation.

She was both heartbroken and guilty. As a mother, she had failed to protect them when they came back here.

Considering that Suzie was weak and afraid of pain, Catherine wondered how she had endured while hiding in the suitcase.

In an instant, Catherine’s eyes reddened in spite of herself.

“Mommy, it was my fault. I should’ve switched off the lights. I failed to take good care of Sister. How useless I am!” Lucas gnashed his teeth, his eyes conveying guilt and resentment. He hated how useless he was.

“Lucas, stop blaming yourself. You did a great job. You were right to have left the lights on.”

Catherine pressed on his shoulders. “Those people must have been observing our house from downstairs. They knew that our lights were on, so if you suddenly switched them off, they would know that someone was hiding in the house. In that case, they would have found out that you and Suzie were in the suitcase. In the end, both of you would’ve been injured.”

“Mommy, who are those evil people?” Lucas asked while nestling in her arms. “I want to take revenge on behalf of Suzie.”

“You’re too young to take action. I’ll do it for Suzie.” Catherine narrowed her eyes. She would not let those who had hurt Suzie off the hook.

At this moment, the doctor walked toward her. “The kid has lost a lot of blood, but we don’t have enough type AB blood here. Since you’re her mother, is your blood type AB too?”

“No.” Catherine’s face turned ghastly.

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