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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 704

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 704

Rodney looked at the steak that was still sizzling with oil and was so frightened that he hurriedly jumped to another stool. “Freya Lynch, I’ll call the police if you throw another piece.”

“Go ahead. At most, I’ll be asked to pay some money. I can afford it.” Freya flung everything on the table at him.

Rodney was unable to dodge and could only rush over to grab Freya’s hands.

Freya’s hands were restrained, so she turned her head and bit him hard on the ear.

“Ow!” Rodney screamed after being bitten and subconsciously grabbed her body. As a result, he felt something soft in his hands.

By the time he realized what he was grabbing, he had already been viciously kneed by Freya.

His eyes widened in pain.

Suddenly, he could understand Shaun’s pain the other day. It was no wonder he went to the hospital for an examination.

It really f*cking hurts.

“Hoodlum!” Freya glared at him with a red face. “Yours are useless anyway. Just get rid of them.”

“Mine are useless?” Rodney curled up in pain and almost lost his breath.

“Aren’t they? You’re dedicated to Sarah Neeson, but she’s going to marry Shaun Hill anyway. You’ll never have a chance in your life. You should just become a eunuch.”

Freya sneered, “I’ve never seen a man as stupid as you. Sarah Neeson is right no matter what she does. You would even think her farts are fragrant. Do you even have a brain?”

“Freya Lynch, I dare you to say one more word.”

Rodney’s dark eyes were covered with chills.

“Did I say anything wrong? I’ve disliked you for a long time. You’re a man yet you’re even noisier than a woman. Just be a woman in your next life…”

Before Freya could finish, her mouth was viciously bitten by Rodney.

Her eyes widened and she subconsciously tried to knee him again.

This time, Rodney was prepared and pinned her legs down with his. Freya lost her footing and her delicate body fell straight into Rodney’s arms.

At that moment, President Hatch’s angry voice sounded. “I often come to your restaurant. I can’t believe that you brought her to my competitor’s room. If my company suffers any losses, I won’t forgive you…”

Freya panicked and struggled hard. “Rodney Snow, let go of me!”

“No… way.” Rodney bit her mouth stubbornly and did not let go.

Freya had no choice but to bite back, and as a result, both of them turned purple with pain.

Then, the door opened.

President Hatch and the restaurant manager rushed in. They saw the passionate scene inside and were instantly dumbfounded. President Hatch was so angry that his face flushed.

Rodney loosened his grip, and Freya pushed him away with a red face.

Although her clothes were intact, there were teeth marks on her lips and her lipstick was printed on Rodney’s face very blatantly. “President Hatch, you’re just in time. He—”

“Garan, I understand. He seduced you, didn’t he?”

President Hatch interrupted her words. He glared coldly at Rodney who was not wearing a shirt and had wet trousers. “Young Master Snow, you’re going too far just for the formula. How could you do something like selling your services?”

If it were someone else, they would be absolutely furious.

However, Rodney was shameless. He calmly wiped the corner of his mouth and grinned while raising his brows. “President Hatch, you can also try selling your services, but Ms. Lynch might think you’re too old.”

President Hatch’s face twitched.

Freya took a tissue and wiped the corner of her mouth forcefully while glaring at Rodney. “Sorry, President Snow, but I think you’re too dirty. That mouth of yours is like a public toilet. I’m disgusted.”

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