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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 703

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 703

Sarah’s beautiful face immediately flashed with a touch of disgust. “Shut your mouth. This is a critical time as I’ll be marrying Shaun soon. Don’t cause trouble for me.”

Thomas was shocked by the sudden scolding. “But didn’t you see what Freya said to the reporters—”

“Shaun has already found someone to suppress the matter. If you have a grudge, then settle it after my wedding.”

Sarah said word by word, “Do you hear me? If something goes wrong, I won’t help you.”

“… Fine.”

Thomas reluctantly hung up the phone, but in his heart, he did not think that anything would go wrong.

Turning around, he made a phone call. “Go and find where that b*tch Freya Lynch lives.”

In an elegant Western restaurant.

The waiter led Freya and stopped at the entrance of a private room. “This is the room President Hatch booked.”

“Thank you.” Freya pushed the door and went in.

Rodney was sitting in front of an antique screen. He wore a brown satin shirt with the first few buttons undone. His cuffs were rolled up, and his eyes were sharp on his beautiful face, giving him a wicked yet romantic aura.


He pointed to the chair beside him.

Freya could not be bothered with him and turned to leave, but when she tried opening the door, she found that it was locked.

“Don’t leave. Eat. The food won’t taste good if it’s cold.”

Rodney got up and dragged her to a chair. “Ms. Lynch must have felt great when you were speaking at the forum today. I admit it, you surprised me. I was wrong about you before. I offer this toast to you as an apology, okay? Are you happy now?”

Rodney poured himself a glass of red wine and gulped it down.

Freya looked at the wine glass on the table for a moment before walking over to pour wine into it.

Rodney thought that she wanted to give a toast, but unexpectedly, she flicked her wrist and poured the wine on his handsome face.

“Freya Lynch!” Rodney’s face changed greatly. Just as he was about to get angry, Freya picked up the bottle of wine, tore open his collar, and poured the contents into his shirt.

The wine was cold, causing Rodney to yelp.

He jumped to the side and quickly took off his shirt, but his trousers were already wet. His pants stuck firmly to his thighs, revealing attractive lines.

“Freya Lynch, do you want to die?” Rodney was furious. No one had ever dared to do this to him. This woman was insane! How dare she pour wine on him?!

He was extremely cold after taking off his clothes.

He shivered, and from the look in his eyes, he wanted nothing more than to eat her alive.

On the other hand, Freya was smiling delightedly.

“I thought you weren’t quite awake, so I poured wine on you. Rodney Snow, I think you’re too used to being the high and mighty Young Master Rodney. You don’t treat me as a person at all. Back then, in order to help Sarah Neeson, you uttered a casual sentence that almost ruined a lifetime of my efforts.

“If you didn’t like me, you could’ve just fired me. Why did you have to blacklist me from the industry? You should know better than anyone if I plagiarized or not.”

The more she said, the angrier she got. She smashed the bottle, causing the glass to shatter everywhere.

Rodney jumped on the chair with fright and almost slipped on the glass. After all, he was not wearing a shirt.

“Freya Lynch, don’t think that I won’t dare to hit you!” Rodney yelled at her.

“Go ahead. Even if you don’t hit me, I’ll hit you.” Freya used the fork to pick up a piece of steak that was still hot from the plate and threw it at Rodney.

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