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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 697

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 697

“Oh my, are you psychic? My lifestyle is so wretched, so it’s normal for me to have one or two illegitimate children,” Freya grinned and mocked.

However, Patrick’s face changed dramatically. “He’s really your illegitimate son?”

“Idiot,” Lucas mocked, “If you believe everything a woman says, why don’t you just go and eat sh*t too?”

“I dare you to say another word.” Patrick was repeatedly provoked by the small child and pointed at Lucas.

“Just try and lay a hand on him.” Freya grabbed his wrist.

Patrick, who was taller than her, was surprised by the pain in his arm.

He glared at Freya, but she only looked at him with a hint of ridicule. He slightly fell into a trance when he remembered that she had always used to look at him with adoration.

His heart suddenly ached.

“Patrick Jackson, I hope that when we meet again next time, you won’t even say hello. People say that first loves are beautiful, but I find you as disgusting as a fly.”

Freya let go of his hand and left with Catherine.

When they left, Patrick continued to look at her back view. He clearly hated her, but all these years, he had never managed to erase her from his heart.

“Patrick, are you okay?” Linda hurriedly came over and held his hand, taking a closer look at him.

“It’s nothing.” Patrick was absent-minded.

When Linda saw him like this, she secretly gritted her teeth.

In the car.

Catherine pointed out meaningfully, saying, “Patrick kept staring at you when we left.”

“So what?” Freya looked out of the window. “After that incident, everyone scolded me and I was detested. This ex-boyfriend of mine also sent me a message saying that I have no self-respect.”


“You’re laughing?” Freya’s eyes widened.

“No, I’m just thinking about how we’ve both suffered the same thing. We both encountered scumbags,” Catherine lamented thoughtfully.

“No, you met two scumbags, but I only met one. The next one definitely won’t be.” Freya denied vehemently. She refused to be that unlucky.

“Okay, I hope you’ll end up better than me,” Catherine said sincerely.

“Mommy, Godmother, don’t worry. If you can’t find a good man in the future, I’ll protect you,” Lucas said lazily.

“My Lucas is such a sweet little man.” Catherine hugged him and gave him a kiss, making his ears turn red.

“Mommy, Mommy, I want one too.” Suzie came over and also wanted a kiss.

Catherine did not take them back to Hackett Institute and went to eat supper in the capital first.

The two little ones were not afraid of spicy food and ate until their bellies were round.

Suzie lifted her little red and oily mouth, saying, “I finally understand why Godmother always talks about the hot wings here. They’re too good. I never want to go back to the US again. I want to stay here and eat hot wings.”

“… You can’t.” Catherine felt her heart ache.

“I don’t want to go back either,” Lucas said with a cool face, “I can’t rest assured if you’re here alone.”

The adult-like tone made Catherine laugh, but she then said seriously, “You can’t. The fact that you’re children of the Hill family can never be revealed. Your scumbag father will snatch you back even if he doesn’t love you.”

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