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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1941

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1941

“Can you do that?” Freya suddenly asked out of curiosity.

She should not have probed Rodney again. However, she was just curious as to how important she was in his heart.

“No.” Rodney refused without a moment of hesitation. “Sarah’s leg is injured.  Shaun has backed out, but who knows what he’ll do to her if I don’t protect her? I owe her this, Freya. You can’t be so selfish. Take a look at your identity now and then at your bags, rings, and earrings. Any one of them is worth a few hundred thousand dollars. But what about Sarah? She’s living in a small house with only an area of tens of square meters. All of this here was paid for by her sacrifice.”

Freya found it ridiculous. She removed her watch, earrings, and diamond ring. She even poured out everything in her bag. The things inside were hers, but the bag was a gift from Rodney.

She used to feel so happy and loved when he gave her a present each day.

“Rodney, I’m giving all of these back to you.”

Freya threw everything  that he had gifted her to him. “You can give these to Sarah. That way, she won’t be so miserable anymore. Also,  let  me  tell you this. My current life isn’t  a result  of her sacrifice. Indeed, the Lynch family can’t compare to

the Snow family, but my parents can afford to buy me bags, rings, and earrings that are a few hundred thousand dollars. I can even afford them myself without needing my parents to pay.

“I, Freya, am not lacking in any way. I’ m not the Snow family’s and your parasite either.”

Freya stood up. Her body was trembling with anger. “Do you think that it’s my honor and the Lynch family’s honor to be able to marry you? Why don’t you ask yourself? When has the Lynch family relied on the Snow family after we got involved? Do you think I wanted to get involved with you? If it

weren’ t for me being pregnant back then  and for the sake of the Snow family’s reputation, I wouldn’t have gotten married to you at all.”

Freya’s gaze toward Rodney was filled with disdain.

Upon recalling the words that Freya scolded him through the phone, Rodney’s handsome face looked extremely awful. “What do you mean by

that? Freya, are you looking down on me? Or do you regret getting married to me all this while?”

“I had no regrets during the recent period when we were in love. But today, I regret it a lot.”

Freya took a deep breath. “When you went to Cairns for a business trip, you told me that  you were coming back on an evening flight. To be honest, I knew from the start that you had already returned in the morning. These days, I’ve had countless thoughts. I thought maybe you got bored of me because  you had me and that you might have another woman outside.”

“That time… I didn’t lie to you on purpose. I…” Rodney’s brows twitched, and he was ashamed to explain.

Freya interrupted him. “I know you might not have had sex with Sarah yet, but please put yourself in my shoes and think about it. That day, all Ryan did was touch my head, yet you stopped him sternly. Then what about you? You’ve spent many nights with Sarah. Was there no physical contact between the two of you at all?”

“Her leg was injured. I just carried her for a while, ” Rodney said in annoyance.

“If you think that’s nothing, then I have nothing to say.” Freya shrugged her shoulders. “Frankly speaking, our thoughts and perspectives are different. You think you’re innocent, but I think you’ve crossed my limits. The people I hate most in my life are Sarah and Thomas. I will never forget how badly Thomas beat me and how hopeless I felt that night.

“Oh, after that, I couldn’t even seek justice. All of you were helping Thomas because of Sarah. In the end, Thomas stepped up and said to the reporters that I was the one who seduced him. Ha! Those days, I was living my life like a rat.”

Rodney would never understand the thousands of extremely harsh comments scolding Freya on Facebook every day.

She could never forget someone calling her and scolding her a b*tch, that she was a disgrace to all women.

She could never forget that  she was thrown bad eggs at, surrounded by people saying that she seduced others, and splashed with dirty water when she was walking on the streets.

Freya had the urge to end her life back then. However, she held in her anger.

She was unsatisfied and frustrated that she could not seek justice for herself. She did not want to let those people who had hurt her go unpunished.

Freya wanted to tell everybody that she could not be bothered to seduce that sc*mbag, Thomas.

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