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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1936

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1936

“However, you’re right. The Snows surely won’t want you to divorce Rodney. Moreover, news about your wedding has circulated. If you decide to get a divorce all of a sudden, the Snows will feel

ashamed. Having said that, you can discuss the matter with me first. Once you’re definite about the divorce, I’ll persuade my parents and grandfather, ” Ryan said patiently.

Freya fixed her confused gaze at the man, who was a few months younger than her.

He looked young, elegant, and handsome. Dressed in a black jacket, he behaved humbly and kept a low profile.

Sure enough, he was a leader in an organization. The calm aura that he exuded was rather convincing.

Of course, she could not deny that it could be due to his good looks.

She had always admired people with good looks. Otherwise, she would not have fallen for Patrick during her university days. She would not have

been easily moved by Rodney’s words later on either.

“Earlier, I asked you to investigate whether Rodney was talking business. Only today did I find out that he was with Sarah that night. He’s secretly hiding her. He always visits her, and he even stayed at her place until late at night yesterday.”

She explained in misery.

As a woman, telling someone else that her husband was cheating on her with his first love was indeed embarrassing.

Ryan was stunned. “Are you sure?”

“ I just came from Sarah’s place. Rodney was afraid that I would hurt his darling, so he hurriedly got some people to protect her. ” Freya snorted. “When I left, he was hugging Sarah tightly.”

“My cousin is really incurable.”

Ryan’s usually gentle eyes were filled with disappointment and fury. Before this, Ryan used his identity as Rodney’s love rival to provoke him for Dani’s sake.

If he had known that this would happen, he would have gotten Rodney and Freya to divorce.

Furthermore, Rodney and Ryan’s parents were both loving couples. No one in the Snow family ever had a kept man or woman. However, Rodney was already having an affair with Sarah when he had just gotten married and his child was still young.

He had the audacity to approach Sarah despite her character.

“If  that’s the case, I see why you want to divorce him. Regardless of whether he’ll learn from his mistakes, he shouldn’t trap you in this marriage and keep you waiting.”

Ryan said indifferently, “Also, you’ re always the one who reminds him to mend his ways. Legally speaking, both of you are a couple but aren’t related by blood.”

His tone was cold.

After listening to him, she somehow felt her eyes burning.

She did not believe in Ryan previously, but she did now.

She believed that he was taking her side.

With a lump in her throat, Freya said, “Thank you, Ryan. Actually, I don’t need your support. It’s good enough that you can understand my situation.”

Ryan sighed softly. “I don’t understand. It’s difficult for you to get a divorce. If my uncle finds out that Rodney is with Sarah, he’ll probably stop you from divorcing Rodney. He might think that you and your child can make Rodney change his ways. Having said that, I don’t agree that you two should continue to be involved with each other because it’ll only hurt you and your child.”

“ I expected this.” Freya forced a smile. Although the Snows always criticized Rodney, they still loved him.

Ryan paused for a moment before adding, “What’s more, it’s unlikely that they’ll kick Rodney out in a fit of anger as they did previously.”

Freya was a little confused.

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