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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1918

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1918

Freya’s hand that was holding a spoon paused. She raised her head and asked, “You’re not joining?”

“I’m okay with anything.” Rodney shrugged nonchalantly. “As long as you like it.”

“Then… Is it okay if I want to go to the Maldives for our wedding photoshoot?” Freya raised her eyebrows.

Rodney was stunned. “It’ll take about a week if we go to the Maldives, right? Dani’s still too young… ”

“We can go there on a private airplane. We can bring two more nannies along too.”

“I’m quite busy with work,” Rodney said vaguely,  “ I can’t hand over everything to Carson. We can just take the photos at a beach nearby. I can accompany you to the Maldives in the future if you want to go there.”

He could not leave Australia this month. He would be in trouble if something happened on Sarah’s side.

“… Okay.”

Freya gazed at Rodney for a while in silence. Then, she smiled.

After breakfast, she went upstairs to change her clothes and then came back down with her handbag.

“Wait, I’ll give you a ride…” Rodney had not changed his clothes yet.

“No need. It’s more convenient for me to drive myself.”

Freya smiled faintly. She took the car keys and quickly went out.

Rodney stood there for some time. He turned around and called Hans. “How’s Sarah doing? Has she gotten better?”

“She’s still having a fever. I’ve called the doctor over to put her on an IV…” Hans stammered.

“Why didn’t you tell me last night?” Rodney was furious.

Freya did not go to the company. She gave Catherine a call. “Let’s go for a drive. I’m in a bad mood. Don’t tell me that you have to be with your man. If not, our friendship is over.”

“Ah, your words are making me sad. What good is there in accompanying men? Sisters are definitely more important.”

When Catherine said those words, Shaun was by her side.

He widened his eyes in disbelief. “Cathy, your words are too much.”

“Shaunny, I really think you’ve stayed in the house long enough. You should go to work now. You look the most handsome when you’re working.” Catherine cupped his handsome face. After giving him a peck, she headed out.

Shaun stood at the door, gazing at the back of her car that was departing.

He deeply felt the extent of a woman’s heartlessness.

Catherine did not say that when they were in bed last night. She even said he was very, very handsome… Tsk.

When Catherine arrived at the lakeside, Freya had already been sitting there for some time.

The weather was cold. Not many people would go to the lakeside early in the morning. Freya’s face was pale from being blown by the wind.

“You’ve chosen such a good spot to relax.”

Catherine instinctively wrapped her coat tighter around herself. “This place is too cold.”

“I suspect that… Rodney is hiding Sarah, ” Freya said all of a sudden as she gazed at the surface of the lake. Catherine stiffened. Her pretty little face had a complicated expression on it. “Do you have evidence?”             

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