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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1907

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1907


Rodney was calm. In fact, Sarah did not take advantage of him at all.

She was nice to him.

Even so, he could not say that now.

“Don’t worry. My relationship with her is over. Now, all I want is to live a happy life with you and Dani.” A serious expression washed over Rodney’s face.

Freya fell silent.

She just hoped that he would not let her down.

After breakfast, Rodney drove her to the office. Only after she went upstairs did he call Shaun. “I heard you’re looking for Sarah.”

“Mm.” Shaun replied in a low voice, “How dare that woman trick me? I must torture her little by little. ”

Rodney felt bad. “Are you sure she’s back? How did you know?”

“I have my own means. Why are you asking this?” Shaun raised his brows.

“ I heard it from Freya. Since you want to look for Sarah, I can get some Snowden members to help you out. But there’s no need to ask my uncle for help. I’m worried that this issue will cause the public to hazard guesses and panic.”

Shaun hesitated for a moment before he responded, “Alright. Thanks, then.”

“Not at all. We’re buddies.” Rodney touched his nose awkwardly. “By the way, how have you been lately? You still can’t recall your past?”

“…Not really.” Shaun was quiet for a moment before he continued, “At times when I’m asleep, I will dream about some scenes. At first, I thought those were just dreams, but they felt familiar. It feels as if I’ve experienced them.”

“What kind of dream?” Rodney asked hurriedly.

“It seems related to Cathy and me. After I get up, the memory becomes a little hazy, but I’ve been dreaming about it often lately, ” Shaun said.

“That’s pretty good. Perhaps your memories will recover real soon.” Rodney was now convinced by Shaun’s words.

“I have no idea. Don’t tell your wife yet, lest she tells Cathy about it. I hope to give Cathy a surprise when I’ve recovered all my memories. But… it might be quite tough.” Shaun felt powerless.

“It won’t be tough. Be confident.” Rodney encouraged him.

After he hung up, he quickly gave Sarah a call and told her about Shaun’s condition.

Sarah said softly, “That’s a sign of recovery. If he can recall his dreams when he’s awake, it means that his memory is gradually being restored.”

Rodney was overjoyed. “How long will it take?”

“As I said, it’ll take around one month. But if he dreams frequently, he’ll be able to get an impression of those scenes. That way, his memory will be restored even sooner.”

“Will he also recover memories of him meeting Catherine in Melbourne?”

Sarah answered, “Mm. I was too careless back then. In fact, once a man changes his mind, there’s no point forcing him since he doesn’t like me

anymore. I think it was really my mistake. I should’ve helped people with my knowledge in psychology rather than hurt them.”

“Don’t say that… Everyone makes mistakes.” Rodney took pity on her. “What matters is that you learn from your mistakes. Shaun knows that you’re back, and he has been looking for you. You’d better hide, and don’t ever step out of the house.”

“ I will. I’m just… quite worried about you.” Sarah was worried. “If they find out that you’re hiding me, you guys will have a blazing row. I’m afraid Freya will be furious too. Given that she has always hated me, she might divorce you.”

“But… I can’t let something happen to you. You should just stay there for now. When Shaun has recovered a month later, I’ll take you out to explain to them and beg for mercy.” Rodney comforted her.

“What if… they don’t forgive me?” Sarah asked.

Rodney was distressed. “Don’t worry. I’ll protect you anyhow.”

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