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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1891

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1891

The thunder rumbled.

Sarah was only acting with President Yard back then?

Those harsh words that she said were to make him break up with her?

She did that to let him mend his relationship with his parents?

Rodney felt his brain getting overwhelmed. He almost believed it.

Rodney’s heart calmed down again in an instant when he thought of the times Sarah made Shaun lose his memories and the ambiguous relationship she had with Wesley.

“Enough, Rory. I don’t know what she told you, but I won’t believe it,” Rodney said hatefully, “I’ve witnessed how important power, money, and benefits are for this woman.”

“If I’m lying to you, I’ll be struck by lightning.” Rory swore.“ If you don’t believe me, you can ask

President Yard. I met President Yard during a business banquet once. He said that Sarah previously treated his mother and cured her. He owed Sarah a favor, so he agreed to put on a performance with her. To be honest, if she were that kind of woman, I wouldn’t even let you meet her. I just think that her current state is too miserable.”

Rodney looked at Rory closely.

Although his friendship with Rory could not compare to the friendship he had with Shaun and Chester, he had known Rory for more than ten years. He still knew him to some extent.

It was unlikely that Rory was lying since he had already sworn on it.

There was no need for him to tell a lie for Sarah’s sake either.


Rodney was a little confused.

Was there really nothing going on between Sarah and President Yard?

She did not betray him?

However, even if Sarah did not betray Rodney, she still made a lot of mistakes.

Furthermore, Shaun and the others even said she had a shady relationship with Wesley. They said Sarah was the one who swapped Jennifer’s ashes to a dog’s.

Those actions were all utterly despicable.

“Young Master Wooten, don’t say any more. The past is in the past.” Sarah lifted her lips helplessly. “ My current life isn’t that bad. Actually, the Neeson family’s status wasn’t high from the start. When I fell in love with Shaun and Rodney, it was all my wishful thinking. It’s normal that Rodney’s parents dislike me. He already has a family now and built himself a good career. I really don’t wish to disturb him. My situation now is pretty good.”

After Sarah spoke, she turned around and bent over to pick up the broken glass shards on the floor.

Rodney gazed at the wrist of her hand. She had gotten a lot thinner, and her bones were even protruding from her flesh.

In the past, Sarah was like a goddess in his heart. He never thought she would end up in that state, wearing a ragged waitress uniform with a dull complexion. She could not return to the way she looked in the past.

“Stop picking them up. Your hands are bleeding from being cut by the glass,”  Rory reminded,“ I’ll have someone bring a broom to sweep the floor.” “No. If the floor manager finds out about this, he’ll say that I’m clumsy again,” Sarah said in a panic.

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