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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1881

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1881

In the van.

Eliza closed her eyes and leaned back on the leather seat. The conversation with Chester earlier made her feel as sick as if she had eaten flies.

Hah. He told her to get lost, so he must have gotten angry from embarrassment.

However, she did not think that Chester felt guilty for her death. That person was cold-hearted and cold-blooded.

Charity, who once carefully reminisced about that relationship, was probably the dirtiest existence in his eyes.

To her, Chester and Sarah were the same. They were both people she shared a death feud with.

However, Chester was too powerful, so it was simply impossible for her to shake him with her ability. She was just unreconciled.

All of a sudden, her phone rang. She looked at it and placed it by her ear.

“Ms. Robbins, Sarah Neeson has appeared.” Eliza sat up. “Where?”

“At the airport.” The person said with chagrin, “

But after we followed her, we found out that she got a body double and managed to slip away.”

Eliza frowned in disappointment.

Catherine and Shaun’s men were probably looking for Sarah in this critical period, so it was normal for Sarah to be cautious. However, it seemed like Sarah had indeed fled abroad. Logically speaking, she should be hiding after the fall of Wesley,  but  why did she come back?

Eliza pondered.

She had a hunch that Sarah must have an objective. “Find her as soon as possible no matter what.”

“I’m afraid… it’ll take some time, ” the person said. “After we seized her double, we realized that she seemed hypnotized. She said that she only met Sarah at the airport and doesn’t remember what Sarah did. By the time she came back to her senses, she was at Canberra Airport. She didn’t even know why she was wearing clothes similar to Sarah’s.”

“That’s terrifying.” Eliza shuddered.

It was just like that year when Jennifer Craven fell to her death in the washroom for no apparent reason after she met Sarah.

It seemed like after all these years, Sarah had become even better at this.

“Yes. I wonder where she learned such horrid skills from.”

“Find her as soon as possible.”

Eliza rubbed her brows. This time, she would make Sarah pay in blood.

At night.

A five -star hotel was holding a celebration banquet.

The banquet was attended not only by the company employees but also by many partners. Even Jessica and Carson Snow from the Snow family showed up in a dignified manner.

Once those two appeared, they were instantly surrounded by many bosses.

This was especially true for Jessica since she was Snow Corporation’s president. It was rare to see someone like her.

Ryan eventually arrived too. As the prime minister’s son, he instantly caused a sensation when he appeared.

“I didn’t expect Ryan Snow to come too. It looks like although Freya Lynch is the prime minister’s goddaughter, she’s quite important to the prime minister.”

“Of course. I thought those two siblings would be at odds, but it looks like they get along very well.”

“We have to cooperate more with Freya in the future. It doesn’t matter if we make less money, but we can’t offend her.”

The guests whispered to each other.

Having heard them, Freya walked towards Ryan, feeling touched. “You didn’t have to come. It’s just a small celebration party.”

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