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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1866

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1866


Once Rodney pressed a switch, the roof of the convertible slowly closed.

Freya looked at the flowers in her hand. Judging from their fragrance, she was certain that they were imported by air.

The atmosphere in the car was bizarre. She awkwardly tucked her hair behind her ear and took a glimpse at the man beside her. He seemed strange from all angles. “What happened to you… Why did you suddenly change your appearance?”

“Didn’t you say that my good looks make women jealous? So I changed my style and wore darker clothes. ” Rodney instantly gazed at her with a note of nervous anticipation. “Do I look handsome?”

If it had been another man who asked such a question, Freya would have come up with a lie and said that his face was too big.

However, Rodney was really handsome today. What was more, his clothes were not as bright as before. All of a sudden, he seemed far more restrained and elegant.

Even so, she did not want Rodney to be complacent. “Not bad.”

“That’s impossible.” Rodney curled his lips. “When I appeared just now, all the women outside were staring at me, and so were you. Your eyes were completely fixed on me.”

“Well, I was just shocked by your sudden change.” Freya looked away as she denied it.

“Women just like to say things they don’t mean. ” Rodney did not believe her.

Half an hour later, the car arrived at a Western restaurant.

The restaurant here had a membership system and the food was pricey. Usually, reservations needed to be made a couple of days in advance.

Freya entered the restaurant, only to find the interior decorated with flowers that were imported by air. There was no one inside.

“Did you reserve this whole restaurant?” Freya blinked.

“Duh. Considering that it’s my first time officially going on a date with you, it’s a must to reserve the entire restaurant. ” Rodney pulled out the chair for her. “Darling, please take a seat.”

Freya felt all jittery. She had only agreed to go to a movie with him, yet why did it turn out to be a candlelight dinner?

“Sir and Madam, this is our menu.”

A server came over with a menu and darted an admiring look at Freya.

Freya lowered her head and flipped through the menu. “Which food takes the least time to be served? We’re in a rush since we’re going to watch a movie later.”

The server said with a smile, “Our chef is only serving the two of you tonight, so it’ll be very quick.”

After ordering the dishes, Rodney rose to his feet. “ Please stay seated. I’m going to the restroom.”

Freya let out a sigh. This atmosphere was making her feel rather nervous, especially since the man she was here with was Rodney.

At this moment, Catherine sent her a WhatsApp message. [Not bad. It’s very romantic of Rodney.]

Freya: [How did you find out? Was it Shaun who told you?]

Catherine: [No. Someone took a video of Rodney coming in a sports car and giving you flowers. It has garnered millions of views. See for yourself.]

She soon forwarded a video. [A strikingly handsome man appeared at Yorkdale Center Building to confess his feelings.]

Freya tapped the video open and saw Rodney’s imposing physique that resembled the main character in a drama. Even his face was so handsome that she could not pick out any flaws.

The netizens had left comments on the video. [Oh, God. This young man has stolen my heart!] [Please debut as a celebrity!]

[Please, the Patek Philippe SA watch on his wrist costs as much as an apartment. Why would he debut as a celebrity when he’s already so wealthy?]

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