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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1849

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1849

Freya sighed. “ I’m finally back in Melbourne and just want to have some peace and quiet. I don’t want to have any classmates gathering. Oh, is this kid yours? He looks just like you.”

“Honey, greet Aunty Freya.” Harley said, “He’s my son, Sammy. I didn’t want to take  him  out  today, but it just so happened that no one is at home.”

“Hello, Aunty.” The little boy looked up and smiled, but he seemed slightly antsy. He was not running around only because Harley was holding onto him.

Freya was a little annoyed. It was not as fun to shop and chat with a child around.

Just then, Harley suddenly looked behind her with her eyes lit up. “There’s a man behind you. He’s so handsome and beautiful. He’s even more good- looking than celebrities.”

Freya paused and turned around, only to see Rodney-Flashy-Snow walking up to her with a bottle of mineral water.

“Dear, I got the water you wanted.”

He even unscrewed the bottle cap for her.

Harley’s eyes widened as she blurted out, “Are you keeping a little lover behind Young Master Snow’s back?”

Freya was shocked by her comment.

At the same time, Rodney’s delicate thin lips twitched.

Upon realizing that she had spoken too impulsively, Harley hurriedly said, “I can

understand. He’s so handsome. Even if it were me, I might not be able to resist.”

Rodney glanced at Freya and said, “Let me introduce myself. I’m her husband, Rodney Snow.”

Harley was once again dumbfounded. He was Rodney Snow?

She had seen photos of Rodney before, but they were all photos on the internet taken by paparazzi. Hence, they were not very clear. Now, he was wearing a black shirt, jeans, white shoes, and even had a head of curly chestnut-colored hair. At first glance, he looked like a big star in the entertainment circle, cold and noble. A shot from any angle would be enough to make the cover of a magazine.

This was the prime minister’s nephew?

He did not fit the image of those overbearing presidents from the novels.

Did overbearing presidents dye and curl their hair?

Even so, he looked too good. He even made her, a woman, feel ashamed.

Freya was ashamed too, but she could understand Harley’s thoughts. After all, Rodney  really  looked too flamboyant.  Even if he was wearing  her brother’s black shirt today, he left the first few buttons undone, giving  him  a bewitching  and unruly aura. In short, it was impossible to tell that he was over 30 years old.

Sigh, she did not understand. Rodney got along so well with Shaun and Chester, and those two were always meticulously dressed. Why was he so… expressive?

“Oh… You’re Young Master Snow. Hello, hello. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Harley smiled in embarrassment, feeling uncomfortable. She felt like she had just met Alexander the Great whereas she was just an ordinary person who wanted to go shopping with her old friend. “Freya, why didn’t you tell me you were bringing Young Master Snow along?”

“It’s fine. Just let him babysit for you. Let’s go shopping. ” Freya took Harley’s hand and glanced faintly at Rodney.

Rodney looked at the little boy beside him, and the boy also blinked at him. The latter felt that this big brother looked pretty handsome and should be good at playing.

“Okay, I’ll look after him. You ladies go shopping. I’ll practice how to take care of a bigger child.”

Rodney was not willing at all, but he had no choice. As such, he walked with Sammy at the back.

Meanwhile, Freya and Harley chatted as they walked in front.

Harley peeked back from time to time. She was uneasy about her son at first. However, she did not expect to see Rodney holding Sammy in his arms, chatting while following them.

“ Is that… really Young Master Snow?” Harley was in disbelief.

“Yeah. ” Freya shrugged helplessly. “Do I look like the kind of woman who would  find a lover before getting a divorce?”

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