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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1843

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1843

Before long, Rodney walked over.

He had changed into one of Forrest’s black shirts. It was the first time she saw him wearing such a dark color. However, coupled with his beautiful eyes, it changed his temperament completely. He seemed a little duller and more mature now.

“I’m sorry…” He walked up to her and said in a low voice, “ I spoke in a fit of anger yesterday. I didn’t mean it— ”

“When are you going to divorce me?” Freya interrupted him.

Rodney froze and said after a moment, “I won’t divorce you. You saw how Dani was last night.

Whether she leaves you or me, she won’t be able to sleep through the night. She’ll cry easily too.

Although she slept with me last night, she still got up and cried twice.”

Freya sneered. “She only cried because she wanted my milk.”

Rodney frowned. “Freya, why do we have to drag Dani into our quarrels? She’s just a child who doesn’t know anything.”

Freya felt like she was stabbed in the heart. “Do you think I want  to do this? I hate  seeing myself  like this, but you forced my hand. Rodney Snow, did you forget how you apologized and admitted your mistakes the day I gave birth to Dani? Yet, what did you do yesterday? I can’t trust your words at all.”

It was true. Yesterday at noon, Rodney helped her teach those young ladies a lesson.

She really wanted to get along with him at first, but then he said those words in the afternoon. Was he still a man?

“I… I was stupid.”

Rodney blushed and said those shocking words. As matters stood, he could only steel himself and say, “ I… I didn’t realize that what I said when you were playing yesterday embarrassed you. When I saw you storm out, I thought you were unhappy because

you lost. Then, you said that I was annoying, and those words hurt me too…”

Freya did not know what to say. She was speechless.

He actually realized that he was stupid. “That’s because— ”

“Hear me out.”

Rodney suddenly interrupted her. A dim light flashed in his eyes. “Yes, I know I am very annoying. When Sarah broke up with me and wanted to get rid of me, she also said I was annoying.  I can’t compare  to Shaun and Chester.

If it weren’t for the fact that Chester didn’t like her, I wouldn’t even have had  the chance  to be her fallback guy. I also know that my EQ isn’t as high as Shaun’s or Chester’s, and I’m not as romantic as them. As someone’s fallback guy for more than ten years, I can’t take it when people say I’m annoying. It’s because… those words of yours dug up the most embarrassing part of me.

“ I couldn’t control myself and said a lot of harsh words. I’m really sorry.”

His beautiful eyes revealed how vexed and regretful he was. “You don’t have to take those words seriously. You’re actually… really beautiful. If you weren’t pregnant with my child, I think many men would pursue you for your looks and skills. On the contrary, I may be noble in status, but my business skills aren’t as good as Shaun’s, my EQ isn’t as good as Chester’s, and my political skills aren’t as good as Ryan’s. My mom also said that with my personality, I wouldn’t have been able to find a wife in my life if you didn’t marry me.

“In fact, I already knew since a long time ago that deep down, you look down on me. I was stupid enough to be the fallback guy of a woman like Sarah and stupid enough for her to play me like a fiddle. You must be very unwilling to be with me because I’m a man who even Sarah looked down upon, and Sarah is the person you hate the most. Maybe you wonder why you should accept a man who Sarah looked down on. After all, you are much better than Sarah in every way…”

Rodney eventually fell silent at the end of his sentence.

He was embarrassed.

There was even a hint of self-deprecation hung at the corners of his mouth.

For a moment, Freya forgot that she was angry. Instead, she was shocked, and her face grew a little hot at the second half of his speech.

She did not expect Rodney to know what she was thinking.

Yes, the most she used to complain to Cathy about was why she had to pick up trash that Sarah did not want.

However, it was quite rude to have such thoughts.

Sarah’s personality was problematic, so how could they be sure that what she did not want was automatically trash?

Besides, what right did she have to laugh at Rodney? She was also abandoned by Patrick.

Rodney was just like her. They fell in love with the wrong person in their youth and thought their unconditional love would bear fruit.

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