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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1090

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1090

“How many people has it been this week?” Shaun asked calmly.

Chance clenched his fists. After a long time, he mustered his courage and said, “Young Master Hill, actually… I’m also planning to put in a request to leave Liona.”

A hint of disappointment flashed across Shaun’s narrowed eyes. “Why, Chance? I hope you can be honest with me. Is someone headhunting you?”


Chance hesitated for a moment but decided to be honest in the end. “Yael is pregnant. Liona doesn’t allow dating between superiors and subordinates. That’s why I plan to resign. Moreover, I’m pretty tired of this kind of life. I’ll retire with Yael in the future.”

“I see…”

Shaun was surprised. However, he understood that the Hill family was low on funds. Maintaining Liona required a huge amount of money. He indeed did not have that much money at this moment.

Maybe it would be better if those people who wanted to quit left. Those who stayed back were the ones truly loyal to the Hill family.

“You can leave,” Shaun said calmly, “I’ll arrange another person to take over your position.”

“Thank you.”

Chance turned around apologetically and left.

“By the way, Chance… ” Shaun suddenly spoke, “ When Liam was tossed into the alley, are you sure that no one else knew about it?”

Chance was startled, but he still said unwaveringly,

“No one else knew.” “Okay.”

After Chance left, Hadley could not help but say, “ Eldest Young Master Hill, what did you mean by that last question?”

“I didn’t expect Yael to be pregnant with his child. ”

Shaun raised his eyebrows. There was a gleam in his eyes. “I always thought Chance was a loyal and indifferent superior in the past. But today, I’ve realized I was wrong. If a man can retire for the sake of a pregnant woman, it means that woman has an important place in his heart.


“You’ve forgotten that Yael has been protecting Sarah closely during these three years.”

Shaun reminded Hadley, “What type of person is Sarah? In these three years, Yael always put in good words for Sarah. Yael is skilled at driving wedges between people too. She’s not simple. I suspected her before, but I trusted Chance.”

Hadley immediately understood. “But now Yael is pregnant with Chance’s child. Chance might’ve hidden some things from you to protect Yael. Young Master Hill, do you want to get someone to follow Chance?”

“Get who?” Shaun smiled bitterly. “Liona is my last power. However, once Chance leaves, there’ll only be more members of Liona who want to leave. Wait and see. Those who are willing to stay till the end are the most loyal ones. I’ll have someone investigate Chance and Yael when that time comes.”

8:00 p.m.

After Wesley was done with a social engagement, he got in his private sedan.

Suddenly, he realized the driver in front was not moving at all.

He sensed that something was wrong. Just as he wanted to turn his head, a gun was pressed to his temple.

“Don’t move. ” A man was laughing dangerously.

“Who… Who are you?” Wesley glanced at the person beside him from the corner of his eyes. That man was wearing a white mask. He looked very scary.

There was a man wearing a black mask sitting on the front passenger seat as well. He was playing with a gold lighter in a relaxed manner. His buff figure made the interior of the car feel small.

“Someone who wants to tell you something.”

The man who was playing with the lighter said, “ Wesley, don’t touch Catherine.”

“You’re Shaun’s men?” Wesley’s eyes went cold.

If it was Shaun behind this, Wesley would make him face the consequences. Shaun would never be able to rise again in this lifetime.

It just so happened that Wesley had wanted to teach Shaun a lesson for a long time.

“No.” The man ignited the lighter. In the dark car, the flames appeared. “You just need to remember m y words. If you touch Catherine, I won’t be sitting here and giving you a chance anymore. I’ll immediately fire a bullet into your head.”

Wesley clenched his fists. Hisbody trembled out of anger.

However, it was as if the man could not see it. His tone was cold. “You desperately want to eliminate me now, right? Who will you look for? Those killers from Neah Bay?”

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