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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1089

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1089

She…“ If you ask me, I’d like to have both of you leave. The patient needs to rest. We understand your kind intentions, so please leave.” Catherine bluntly asked the guests to leave.

She gave them both the same treatment.

The corners of Shaun’s mouth lifted slightly. It was good enough that she did not let Charlie chase him away.

However, Charlie felt utterly disgraced. He was the president of Campos Corporation, yet he was mentioned alongside Shaun.

Nevertheless, Freya’s identity was special now and Catherine was her friend.

He could only hold it in. He forced a smile and said, “Then, we won’t be disturbing you two anymore. ”

When Charlie left, he glared at Shaun viciously.

Shaun stood up. His dark, captivating eyes were looking at Catherine. “I’ve finished shelling the crayfish for you. I’ll be leaving now.” After he spoke, he turned around and left.

Catherine had a headache and touched her forehead.

Shaun was already incapable of sex. She did not know what else he wanted to do.

“F*ck, has Shaun been possessed by some devil?”

Freya became sentimental. “He’s totally different from the Shaun I knew back then. He was so arrogant before, especially the aura he had when he snatched you away during the wedding. I thought he’d never let you go in this lifetime.”

Could he not let go?

He could not even have sex anymore.

“Could it be because he experienced too great of a shock when Hill Corporation met its demise?”

“Alright, stop guessing blindly.” Catherine went to the table. Looking at the delicious crayfish, she wanted to throw them away. However, she still ended up tasting one of them in the end. The taste was not bad.

At last, she finished everything.

After she was done eating, her brows furrowed in regret. She really had no resolve.

In the parking lot.

Just as Shaun opened the car door, Charlie’s sneer sounded from behind. “Shaun, you really didn’t even show me a single bit of respect up there just now.”

“Why should I show you respect?” Shaun retorted coldly.

“Fine, maybe you’re still unclear of the fact that you can only keep your tail between your legs when you’re in front of me now.”

Charlie gave a maniacal laugh before turning around and getting into his car.

Shaun frowned.

Not long after Shaun’s car left the hospital, he noticed that his car was being followed.

Three cars were closing in on him from behind.

Shaun’s eyes narrowed. He suddenly increased his speed.

Those three cars were not easy to deal with either.

They knocked into his car from the left and right.

Shaun quickly turned the steering wheel. He passed through a very narrow space between the cars at lightning speed. The driver of one of the cars was startled and stepped on the accelerator. It rammed into the car in front.

Shaun smirked when he saw this. He swiftly changed his course, stepped on the accelerator, and left speedily.

The person who knocked into the other car pounded the steering wheel out of rage. He called Charlie’s number. “Young Master Campos, we failed.”

“Useless things! ” Charlie scolded.

Shaun rushed to the company.

Chance had been waiting there for a long time. “ Eldest Young Master Hill, Joshua and Tobias are requesting to leave Liona.”

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