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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1088

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1088

However, Shaun would not get angry, right?

She saw Shaun tightly holding onto the plastic bag i n his hands. The veins on the back of his hand were bulging.

Nevertheless, he did not get angry. He placed the things on the table.

His humble and forbearing behavior almost made Freya go blind.

Shaun opened the container of crayfish.

He put on gloves and started shelling them one by one.

The large crayfish inside and the overwhelming fragrance made Catherine and Freya’s stomachs growl.

“Shaun, if you want to eat, can you eat it outside?” Catherine said, feeling frustrated.

“I’m shelling them for you. I’ll leave when I’m done.”

Shaun said without raising his head, “It’s okay even

if you don’t eat them. I’ll just leave them here after shelling them anyway.”

At that moment, another person who came to visit arrived at the door. It was Charlie. In his hands were pink roses and some supplements. He had an excessively eager smile. “Hey, Catherine. What a coincidence! We meet again.”

“Charlie, why are you here?” Catherine’s expression was dark.

Why were these eyesores all coming over? “Freya, d o you know him?”

“ I don’t f*cking know him.” Freya rolled her eyes.

Charlie acted as if he did not hear that. He smiled and said, “I came to visit Ms. Lynch. Ms. Lynch is Senator Snow’s goddaughter. My uncle and Minister Snow are acquaintances, so he asked me to visit you.”

The uncle he was talking about was Mason.

Catherine immediately guessed that the Campos family was definitely taking the opportunity to establish a relationship with Nathan. Freya was a new target they could exploit.

Catherine was utterly speechless. The Campos family was totally shameless.

Charlie continued talking with a gentlemanly face. “ I didn’t expect you to be prettier in person compared to the pictures, Ms. Lynch. Although you’re sick, your beauty still makes one’s heart pound…”

Shaun, who was shelling crayfish at the side, suddenly scoffed.

Charlie glared at him furiously. “Shaun, what are you doing here? As far as I know, you helped Thomas hurt Ms. Lynch before. What right does a person like you have to be here?”

“They haven’t chased me away yet. Why are you so hasty? Have you already become the future prime minister’s son-in-law?”

Shaun raised his sharp eyebrows. Hill Corporation was already ruined, but his elegance and piercing eyes made Charlie feel humiliated.

Freya and Catherine were dumbfounded. Catherine said right away, “Charlie, aren’t you and Melanie already married?”

Just as Charlie was about to say something, Shaun beat him to it and said, “A marriage can be ended

through a divorce. Moreover, Melanie’s current identity no longer matches Charlie’s, who’s the noble Young Master Campos. Wouldn’t it be way better for him if he could establish a relationship with the future prime minister?”

“Shaun, shut your mouth! ”

Charlie was infuriated. Although he did have those thoughts, it was not the time to make them known. “I’ m just complimenting Ms. Lynch’s beauty. Do you think everyone is like you, not being content with what you already have and taking divorce as child’s play?”

Shaun glanced at him coldly. “It might’ve been my first time hearing a married man say such ambiguous words like ‘Your beauty makes one’s heart pound’ to another woman.”

Charlie’s face was flushed from embarrassment. His eyes were staring at Shaun with malice. “Watch your mouth, Shaun. Do you need me to remind you of your identity?”

“How do you want to remind me?” Shaun smirked playfully.

Charlie had no words all of a sudden.

He could not possibly say that he would find someone to teach Shaun a lesson. There were other people in the ward, so he did not dare to be so cocky.

He thought of an idea. He looked eagerly at Freya. “ Ms. Lynch, do you need me to chase this person away?”

Freya was taken aback. She instinctively looked at Catherine. In the end, she cleared her throat. “ Cathy, what do you think?”

Everyone focused their eyes on Catherine. Even Shaun locked his gaze on her.

Catherine had the urge to kick both Freya and Charlie.

Why were they letting her decide?

She could let Charlie do it… However, she looked at Charlie’s arrogant appearance and then at Shaun’s… pitiful gaze.

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