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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1087

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1087

Freya suddenly felt relieved as she thought about it. “Nowadays, there are too many sc*mbags. It’s better just to give birth to a child. Just dating and not getting married sounds good too.”

“You’ll still have lots of opportunities, especially after becoming the princess of Australia. There’ll only be better men pursuing you.”


Freya laughed. “Who knows? Maybe after a few years, I’ll be walking down a grand banquet hall wearing a long gown. When I see those two sc* mbags, Rodney and Patrick, lowering their heads humbly and standing at the side, I’ll wave my hand and say, ‘Guards, get these two pieces of trash out o f here. They don’t deserve to be here and dirty my noble eyes on such an occasion.”’

Catherine let out a breath of relief after seeing Freya finally smiling.

After finishing her meal, she gave Wesley a call. “ I’m sorry. I can’t move in tonight. I didn’t know this would happen to Freya…”

“It’s okay. She’s your friend. You should accompany her more.”

Wesley said gently, “Which ward are you both in? I’ll come over to visit later.”

“It’s alright, there’s no need. Too many people from the Snow family came today. Freya’s also feeling dizzy. We should let her rest.”

“Okay, I’ll come over tomorrow then.” Wesley hesitated for a moment before suddenly asking, “ Is Nathan really taking her in as his goddaughter?”

“Of course. Uncle Nathan even released a statement personally. When Freya gets better, the Snow family will hold a grand ceremony to acknowledge Freya.”

Wesley said profoundly, “It seems like this accident was a blessing in disguise for Freya. The prime minister’s goddaughter, this identity is indeed extraordinary.”

“It’s just alright. Freya isn’t someone who cares about these things. ” Catherine frowned when she heard his words.

She did not think that it was a blessing in disguise for Freya.

It was fine if other people had said the same thing,

but Wesley was someone who understood them. Him saying those words… It was weird.

“I misspoke. You guys should rest.”

Not long after Catherine returned to the ward, the sound of someone knocking on the door came from outside.

She turned around and saw Shaun walking in with the cold white lights shining on him. He was wearing a white shirt paired with black slacks. He looked handsome and noble.

“Why are you here?” Catherine’s brows instinctively knitted together in a tight frown again.

Freya gave Shaun a sidelong glance as well. “Shaun, we’re not close to you, right?”

“I heard from Chester that your friend is hospitalized and you’re here taking care of her. I came over to visit.”

Shaun put the things in his hand on the table. “This is the quinoa salad that the five-star hotel just made, and—”

“I don’t care about quinoa at all, ” Freya grumbled, “ Do you see this? All of these things beside me are quinoa— ”

“And… crayfish. I bought some for you.” Shaun suddenly looked at Catherine. His eyes were so deep that someone could drown in them.

Freya’s words got stuck in her throat. F*ck,

crayfish. It was her favorite, but could she even eat it?

Catherine’s eyebrows twitched slightly. “Thank you, but I can buy it myself if I want to eat it.

Moreover, Freya can’t eat this. You’ll just be tempting her with it.”

“You liked to eat it before…”

Shaun got rejected by Catherine. His long eyelashes were drooped in disappointment. That face, which looked as if it had been intricately carved by gods, looked so lonely that any woman would not be able to bear it.

Even Catherine was in a daze for a moment. It was a s if she had hurt him. However, after a while, she said emotionlessly, “The past is the past. I even loved you in the past, but I don’t anymore now.”


Freya could not resist sucking in a breath. Those words were too vicious. When she saw Shaun’s noble, handsome face looking pale and hurt, she wanted to clap her hands.

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