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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1086

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1086

At that moment, Rodney desperately needed someone to console him. He could only call Sarah. “ Sarah, I don’t have to marry Freya anymore. But… I’ve been chased out of the Snow family. You won’t mind, right?”

“Why… Why would I mind? You’ve done so many things for my sake… I’m very touched.”

Sarah held in the urge to scold him. She then said in a low voice, “But if I had known earlier that your family dislikes me so much, I—”

“ Sarah, don’t say any more. I’ve already made my decision. Freya’s child will have nothing to do with me in the future, ” Rodney interrupted her annoyedly.

Speaking of Freya, Sarah almost wanted to spit out blood. “By the way, why did your uncle take her in a s his goddaughter?”

The daughter of the future prime minister. Although she was not his biological daughter, that identity was powerful enough that Freya could do anything she wanted in Australia now.

Freya could marry into a better family in the future too.

“Maybe my family did that to make up for their guilt.” Rodney was depressed too. “Forget it. Just let it be. That woman is too calculating. In the end, she managed to get what she wanted.”

Forget it? How could this matter be brushed off just like that?

Sarah had the urge to swear out loud.

She was utterly envious of Freya. How could a sl*t be the future prime minister’s daughter? She wanted that identity too. She would rather give up on Rodney.

Hah! Rodney really returned to her side in the end.

However, without the Snow family’s support, he would just be a normal president now no matter how well Osher Corporation performed. Besides, the Snow family had disowned him. It would become tougher for Rodney to advance in the business world. No one would pay him any attention at all.

Rodney was poorer than Sarah now.

“Rodney, I’m guessing you must be feeling upset now. Take a good rest before apologizing to the Snow family. There are no grudges that last overnight between father and son.”

Sarah hung up the phone just like that.

Rodney was stunned. He had wanted to chat with her more to alleviate his feelings of despair.

He gave it some thought and called Chester. “ Chester, I’m in a bad mood. Let’s go have a drink tonight…”

“I’m not going.” Chester immediately rejected him. “Are you still my friend?” Rodney was enraged.

“I don’t want to die from being angry at you.”

Chester scolded him bluntly, “Rodney, I never thought you would be so silly! You forced Freya to have an abortion and even made her fall down the stairs. What were you thinking?”

“I… I just wanted to give Sarah an explanation. I can’t have an illegitimate child. Sarah and I… will have kids in the future,” Rodney said in defense.

“Mm, then I wish that you both can have kids in the future. Just a reminder, you have to be polite whenever you see Freya in the future. She’s the future prime minister’s goddaughter. A sentence from her can crush you to the ground.”

Chester sneered before ending the call.

Rodney’s expression was filled with shame and sadness. He was only following his heart, so why was everyone leaving him?

In the evening.

Catherine brought over a meal. Freya gave her an apologetic glance. “Cathy, I feel sorry for letting you take care of me. Why don’t you go back? I’ll just ask Lauren to come over.”

“It’s alright. What friend would I be if I didn’t accompany you during these times? Besides, when I was pregnant in the States, didn’t you take good care of me as well?” Catherine noticed that Freya was not very happy.

However, she could understand. To give birth to a child who did not have a father would be a battle of courage for any woman.

“That’s right. I felt very happy spending time with Suzie and Lucas in the States. Actually, kids are… quite cute too.”

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