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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1085

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1085

“That will definitely not happen. We don’t have any ties with Rodney anymore. I’ve already arranged for the company to draft a disownment document.

We’ll announce it to the public soon,” Jason said without hesitation.

Freya was shocked. The Snow family was really efficient in doing things.

However, she strangely felt content. Rodney must have wanted to vomit out blood when he lost his family. Also, how long would Sarah put up with Rodney? She was filled with anticipation all of a sudden.

2:00 p.m.

Snow Corporation’s official Facebook account released a statement: [Snow Corporation’s director, Jason Snow, officially announces that he has ended his father-son relationship with Rodney Snow. At the same time, Rodney will no longer have anything to do with the Snow family from here on out. The Snow family members will not have any interactions with Rodney either. Mr. Rodney Snow’s right of inheritance to all the Snow family’s assets is void. It’s hoped that each party will go their own ways from now on and never interact anymore.]

Next, Jessica released a statement as well. [Snow Corporation’s president has cut off her sibling ties with Rodney Snow.]

Carson Snow: [Snow Corporation’s vice president has cut off his sibling ties with Rodney Snow.]

Nathan Snow: [Nathan Snow has ended his relationship as Rodney Snow’s uncle.]

The Snow family’s statements were released one after another.

The whole nation was shocked.

[What on earth did Rodney do to get kicked out of the Snow family? Everyone in the Snow family even cut all ties with him.]

[Rodney must be a fool. He has a dad and a sister who have assets worth 1oo billion dollars. He even has an uncle who’ll be the prime minister, yet he angered his family.]

[I heard that it’s because Rodney insists on being together with Sarah. The Snow family is dissatisfied

with her. They prefer his fiancée, Freya, more.]

[This is the future prime minister’s family we’re talking about. Is that a family where a greedy materialistic woman like Sarah can join?]

After half an hour, Nathan posted a pretty picture of Freya on his Facebook. [My wife and I have been married for many years. We’ve always wanted a daughter. Unfortunately, we only have a troublemaker as our son. Luckily, my wife and Freya have been getting along with each other very well. We’ve decided to take her in as our goddaughter. Although she couldn’t be our former nephew’s wife, being our goddaughter is good too.]

The netizens were dumbfounded again.

[I’m confused. So Rodney really got chased out of the Snow family because he refused to marry Freya?

[I pitied Freya before, but now I’m so envious of her. The future prime minister’s daughter! She’s a princess now.]

[If she can be a princess, why does she have to be Rodney’s fiancée? Ahhh, isn’t being a princess tempting?]

[Do you still remember that people used to throw rotten eggs at Freya when she walked on the streets

three years ago? This news tells us not to look down on women. Who knows when she’ll become powerful and rise again?]

[I heard Freya pursued a senior in school in the past. They broke up afterward. Will that senior spit out blood after reading the news?]

At that moment, Rodney was dumbfounded looking at the series of statements.

He did not think that his father was being serious about it. In a swift manner, he had publicly disowned him and the other Snow family members followed suit.

Moreover, Nathan took Freya in as his goddaughter as well.

That woman had become his cousin?

No, not his cousin. He was not even a member of the Snow family anymore.

He was on the verge of crying. Although he had already thought of the worst possible outcome last night when he decided to make Freya undergo an abortion, he still felt very distressed when the moment really came.

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