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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1084

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1084

“No, Dad. I…”

“Why do I have such an evil son like you?”

Wendy shook her head in disappointment. “ I had already advised you before, but you still made me disappointed. Leave. We’ll have no ties with you at all in the future.”

Rodney felt bitter. “Dad, Mom, I really didn’t push her. Are you really disowning me for the sake of a grandchild and Freya?”

“Do you still not understand? As a human, you should have a conscience and know not to cross the line. But you don’t have a conscience at all. A person like you doesn’t deserve to be my son. You don’t deserve to remain in the Snow family.”

Jason yelled while trembling, “Get lost! Don’t let me see you again!”

They were utterly disappointed in him.

Rodney opened his mouth. In the end, when facing everyone’s gazes of contempt, he could only turn around and leave. Loneliness shrouded his entire body.

He knew that no one would stop him from being together with Sarah in the future.

However, why did he not feel happy? Instead, he felt lost.

“Uncle Jason…” Catherine did not expect Jason to chase Rodney out of the Snow family. However, she still told Jason and Wendy about what had happened.

“Anyway, Rodney definitely played a role in this incident. If he hadn’t forced Freya to have an abortion, all this wouldn’t have happened.”

Jason sighed. He said, “We were wrong. I thought Rodney still had some sense of responsibility in him. His kindness is almost disappearing because of Sarah.”

Catherine’s brows were knitted together in a tight frown. “But the baby…”

“The baby can’t be aborted. We owe Freya for this. We’ll compensate her.”

Wendy said, “On our way here, we had a call with Old Master Snow. Old Master Snow intends to let Nathan take Freya in as his goddaughter. With the identity as the future prime minister’s goddaughter, I believe that Freya can find the one she loves in the future without having to worry about anything. Nobody will dare to bully her in the future.”

Catherine’s heart trembled.

Being Nathan’s goddaughter was indeed an extraordinary identity.

Besides, Nathan only had a son and that son was working in political law. Who would dare to cause trouble with Freya in the future?

“After some time, we’ll hold a grand ceremony to acknowledge Freya as Nathan’s daughter. We’ll let the whole world know that Freya is part of the Snow family. At the same time, ten percent of Snow Corporation’s shares will be transferred to her. But those shares can only be inherited by the child in her belly now. If she marries another man and has children with that man in the future, we’ll arrange another set of dowry as well, ” Wendy said sincerely.

“About this… I’ll inform Freya about this later.”

Catherine could see that the Snow family was indeed being sincere. Firstly, it was because of their guilt over Rodney’s immoral actions. Secondly, they were concerned about the child in Freya’s belly.

An hour later.

After Freya settled down in the ward, she learned about the Snow family’s arrangements.

She would be the goddaughter of the prime minister in the future?

She did not know whether she should cry or laugh.

“Freya, if you abort this child, you’ll lose the right to be a mother, ” Catherine said helplessly.

“Hah! It seems like the heavens have already decided for me.” Freya did not expect her life to come to this point.

She had thought of being in a normal, romantic relationship in the past. The man did not have to be exceptionally wealthy. After that, she would build a family and have children. Now, her life had taken a great turn.

Wendy consoled her, saying, “Don’t worry, Freya. With this identity of yours in the future, you’ll be the one picking the men. Of course, you may be worried that the other party will mind that you’ve given birth to a child before. But many women who remarried are living well and happily too. Besides, if anyone dares to bully you, the Snow family will stand up for you.”

Freya could only laugh bitterly. Actually, she should not have so many complaints. “But I won’t let my child acknowledge Rodney as their father. Firstly, he doesn’t deserve it. Secondly, I don’t want my child to call Sarah their stepmother in the future.”

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