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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1083

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1083

“I… I’ll carry her… ” Rodney hurriedly rushed down and wanted to carry Freya.

However, Catherine pushed his hands away. She glared at him, her eyes filled with rage. “Get lost! You’re so eager to kill your child. Who knows if you’ll deliberately kill the child while carrying Freya?”

“Catherine Jones, watch your mouth! Am I such an evil person… F*ck… She’s bleeding.” Rodney’s mind went blank.

Freya lowered her head and had a look. Her face was pale. “Cathy, it hurts down there.”

“Don’t move. Aunty Sophia, help me out. We’ll carry her down together, ” Catherine said to Aunty Sophia in a hurry.

Aunty Sophia had also heard Rodney saying he wanted to make Freya get an abortion when she went to open the door just now. She did not dare to let Rodney help out either.

She and Catherine supported Freya and took the elevator down. The ambulance had rushed and sent Freya to the hospital immediately.

On the way, Freya’s head was covered in sweat from the pain.

After arriving at the hospital, she was sent to the emergency room straight away.

Catherine immediately called the Snow family. “ Uncle Jason, your son pushed Freya down the staircase. Please come over right now. The Snow family has to give us an explanation on this matter.”

Rodney panicked when he heard that. “Hey, what are you saying? I didn’t push her at all. It was her. Catherine slapped him across the face without letting him finish his sentence.

“Catherine, how dare you hit me?!” Rodney was infuriated and wanted to slap her back.

However, Catherine quickly avoided him and did a shoulder throw. She tossed his tall figure onto the floor of the hospital.

“Ow… It hurts…” Rodney’s back almost snapped from the pain.

“You feel pain too? But what you’re feeling now can’t even compare to Freya’s pain.”

Catherine glared at him angrily. “Rodney Snow, they say even a vicious tiger wouldn’t eat its cubs. Even if you don’t love Freya, she’s still pregnant with your child. You can love Sarah, but you can’t love someone to the point of becoming inhumane.”

“I really didn’t push her. She slipped and fell down on her own.” Rodney was frustrated from getting scolded.

Catherine sneered, “So you’re still not admitting that you’re in the wrong? If you hadn’t tried to drag her to go and have an abortion, would she have slipped?”

Rodney’s handsome face went pale from her words. He was speechless.

The doctor came out. “The patient’s uterine lining i s damaged. The baby is in a critical state as well, but we can still manage to keep the baby—”

Rodney said in a daze, “This… There’s no need to keep it.”

“Shut your mouth! ” Catherine glared at him sharply.

“Keep the baby.” Suddenly, Jason and Wendy came running.

“Doctor, this is my grandchild. You have to save my grandchild no matter what,” Wendy said urgently.

The doctor said, “Actually, I haven’t finished my sentence. If we abort the baby, the patient has to undergo a dilation and curettage procedure. It’ll be harmful to her body and it’ll be very difficult for her to get pregnant again in the future.”

Catherine was shocked. It seemed like Freya was destined to keep this child. “Then keep the baby… ”

She knew Freya would surely not want to lose the right to be a mother.

“Okay, please sign here.”

The doctor took a pen out. Catherine put down her signature.

Rodney was confused. “Why did it turn out like this? Could it be that Freya bribed the doctors inside?”

Right after he said those words, Catherine was infuriated. She wanted to strike out at him, but Jason was faster and crueler than her.

A slap from a man could not compare to a woman’s at all.

Rodney’s mouth instantly bled. He widened his

eyes in disbelief. “Dad…” “Get lost.”

Jason pointed outside. His body was shaking because he was utterly enraged. “Get out of here! We, the Snow family, have nothing to do with you from now on. Freya’s child will have nothing to do with you as well. You don’t have to be responsible for the child either. You can go and be together with Sarah. No one will stop you guys anymore.”

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