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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1080

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1080

“What do you mean I seduced him? He’s my fiancé. I should be the one asking you that. What are you thinking by calling my fiancé late at night and saying you miss him?” Freya raised her eyebrows and said, “Are you trying to be a mistress again?”

“Who’s the mistress? Rodney and I were clearly in love first.” Sarah was exasperated. “Rodney is just faking an engagement with you.”

“How can it be fake? This promise was made by our parents after they met. It’s legitimate. Besides…”

Freya suddenly covered her mouth and made a vomiting sound. “It’s so annoying. I’m feeling uncomfortable due to morning sickness after getting pregnant. Please don’t mind me.”

“You… You’re pregnant?”

Sarah was dumbfounded. It was as if lightning had struck on a clear day. “It’s Rodney’s?”

“Who else? Your good brother made this happen.”

Freya deliberately whined, “Didn’t Rodney tell you? He wants this baby.”

“ It’s impossible. ” Sarah was utterly agitated. She could not calm down. “Rodney doesn’t love you at all.”

“But he loves the baby. He even made a meal for me just now.”

Freya burped. “His cooking skills are excellent. I think… I’m almost falling in love with him. I don’t want to let you have such a good man.”

“Freya, just wait. Even if you’re pregnant, it’s useless, ” Sarah yelled and hung up.

Hearing Sarah losing control, Freya laughed in satisfaction.

Three years ago, Sarah had made her and Catherine so miserable.

Finally, it was her turn to torture Sarah. It felt very good.

She had to show off to Catherine.

Who knew that after Catherine heard about it, she went silent for a moment. Then, she scolded, “You acted too rashly! Sarah isn’t that easy to deal with. If she had recorded the call and edited it a little, Rodney would think that you’re a scheming woman.”

Freya’s heart skipped a beat. After a while, she said, “He can think that way all he wants. It’s not like I want to have anything to do with him anyway.”

“Fine, as long as you have it figured out.” Catherine moved her lips and said. Actually, she was still a bit worried. After all, no one knew better than her just how evil Sarah could be.

Forget it. She would go over earlier tomorrow in case Rodney went to trouble Freya.

Rodney lived alone at a penthouse in the city center.

When he reached home, he suddenly realized that he left his phone at Freya’s place. He was too lazy to go back to retrieve it. He would just fetch her to work tomorrow morning and take his phone back.

Just as he got ready to take his bath, the doorbell rang.

He opened the door. Sarah stood at the door with a tear-streaked face. “Rodney, I called you just now and it was Freya who picked up. She said she’s pregnant with your child. Is it true?”

Rodney’s expression changed drastically.

He had not thought about how to tell Sarah this matter.

“She… How did she tell you about it?”

Sarah studied his expression. She knew then it was true. She clenched her fists. She did not expect Rodney, whom she held tightly in her hands, would have a child with Freya.

She vented out while sobbing. “Freya said you don’t want her to abort the child and that you cooked for her. She’s falling in love with you and she wants to snatch such a good man like you away.”

Rodney was stunned. Freya said she was falling in love with him? Freya wanted to snatch him away?

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