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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1078

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1078

Rodney scolded Freya angrily. When he saw her almost getting knocked over, his heart leaped in fear. He rushed over almost instinctively and pulled her over.

Actually, he did not… hate the existence of the baby as much as he thought.

However, that woman seemed to not be aware that she was a pregnant woman now.

“Rodney, I’m in pain… ” Freya suddenly frowned and moaned.

Rodney became nervous in an instant. “Where… Where are you in pain? Your stomach?”

He touched her stomach in fear. “Is it bleeding down there…”

“No, it’s your grip on my shoulder that’s painful.” Freya gritted her teeth and reminded him with a blushed face as she looked at the adult man bent over in front of her and nervously touching her stomach.

“… Oh.” Only then Rodney remembered that he was gripping her shoulder. He quickly let go, and his tone was indignant. “Why didn’t you say it clearly? I was scared to death.”

Freya gave him a confused sidelong glance. “What’s there to be scared of? If this baby is gone, you can b e together with Sarah, right?”

“That baby is also a life. You don’t have to say it like it’s a trivial matter and make me look like a cold

-blooded, heartless person, ” Rodney muttered.

Freya sneered. “Haven’t you been cold-blooded and heartless many times? In your heart, as long as Sarah and the people by her side are happy, you don’t care about right or wrong at all.”

“… Can you not bring up the past?” Rodney said. He had a headache.

“No.” Freya pushed him away coldly. She simply walked straight ahead.

That made Rodney nervous as he had to buy things while making sure she did not get knocked over by others.

After getting in the car, he took out a small bag of potato chips from the shopping bag and gave it to Freya. “This is for you.”

Freya rolled her eyes at him. “Didn’t you say you won’t let me eat junk food?”

“It’s just a small bag. This is my limit.”

Rodney said with a tone that was meant to please her, “I’m giving this as an apology. I was wrong in the past.”

He was already handsome with his intricate features. Now that he was trying to please someone, it could make a woman’s motherly instincts surge.

After Freya was stunned for a few seconds, she finally understood why so many older female fans would care for younger male celebrities.

It was advantageous for a person to have handsome looks.

She sighed mentally. She took the bag of potato chips and humphed. “If an apology is useful, why do we still need the police? All the hurt you’ve

caused me is engraved in my heart.”

“Thomas is already a cripple. It’s not like you don’t know about it, ” Rodney muttered.

“Were you the one who crippled him?”

“ .. Although I wasn’t the one who did it, I was at the scene.”

“That’s right. When you were at the scene, you must’ve said, ‘Hey, actually, there’s no need to be so cruel. After all, he’s Sarah’s brother. This isn’t too appropriate… ”’ Freya said while imitating his tone.

Rodney had no words.

Could that woman read his mind?

She made him so embarrassed. He was her superior!

Freya sneered. She ignored him and concentrated on eating her chips.

However, Rodney’s face heated up because of that. He felt guilty.

When they reached Freya’s home, the housekeeper, Aunty Sophia, greeted them, “Young Master Snow, let me do it— ”

“No need. You don’t know how to make hotpot. I’ll do it.”

Rodney rolled up his sleeves and went to the kitchen.

Not long after, a strong hotpot fragrance wafted from the kitchen. Freya was craving it so much that she almost drooled.

Aunty Sophia went into the kitchen to have a look and came out. She smiled and said, “Ms. Lynch, you’re so lucky. Young Master Snow is so skilled at cooking. Ah, I don’ t even know how he made the hotpot’s soup base. The vegetables have been washed so well too. Men who know how to cook are rare now.”

Freya felt bitter as she listened.

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