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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1077

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1077

As a man, he wanted his pride too. “Isn’t a billion dollars money as well? I painstakingly work to develop a product, but I only earn 200 to 300 million dollars.”

Freya was shocked. “Think about the senior management of Osher Corporation. Their annual salary is only about two million dollars. How many years do they have to go without eating or drinking to earn a billion dollars? Be content with what you have. Don’t take things for granted.”

Rodney looked at her being wide-eyed and astonished. His heart strangely felt healed.

Although that woman’s words always made him exasperated, sometimes, they did not make him gnash his teeth either.

“But women always hope to have more money, right?” he said in distress.

Freya figured it out. She could roughly guess that Rodney was feeling troubled because of Sarah. “ If there’s too much money, it’ll just be saved in the bank as mere numbers anyway. A billion dollars is more than enough for us if we want a luxurious life. Buying bags and shoes that’s hundreds of thousands of dollars, living in a luxurious house or a villa, and even having a private airplane. All these are still possible.

“But you have to understand that it’s already good enough if ten percent of the people in the whole world can do what I mentioned just now. The remaining go percent of people are still working hard to make ends meet.”

Rodney thought it made sense as he listened.

However, Sarah did not think that way. It would be nice if only Sarah were like Freya…

After that thought crossed Rodney’s mind, he was startled.

F*ck, what was he thinking?

While he was in a daze, Freya had already taken off her lab coat and packed up everything. “President Snow, I’ll be leaving first.”

“ .. Hey, wait. I’m going to your place to check on the housekeeper I arranged for you.” Rodney suddenly followed her.

Freya was taken aback. Her pretty face showed that she was finding this odd. “I didn’t ask the housekeeper to make dinner tonight. I planned to get Lauren to have hotpot with me.”

Rodney was speechless. Freya knew what he wanted to say, so she said quickly, “I know that the food outside isn’t hygienic and it’s not good for the baby, but I really want to have hotpot today. I wasn’t this way before, so it must be the baby who wants to eat it.”

“You only know how to push the blame to the baby.”

Rodney said angrily, “The hotpot served outside isn’t clean. Many vegetables aren’t washed properly … Forget it. If you want to eat hotpot, I’ll go back and make it for you.”

Freya was dumbfounded. “Ah?”

“What do you mean by ‘Ah’? I just have to prepare the hotpot’s soup base, don’t I? I know how to make it.”

Rodney harrumphed.

Freya blinked. Suddenly, she realized Flashy Rodney, who wore a floral shirt, looked… very handsome.

In the end, Rodney brought Freya to the supermarket to buy the ingredients.

Freya could not resist taking a photo of his back. She sent it to Catherine. Freya: [F*ck, Flashy Rodney is going to make hotpot for me. A flashy person can actually make the soup base for hotpot?

My eyes are almost dropping out of their sockets.]

Catherine: [Ah, Sarah doesn’t deserve him. It’s unfortunate.]

Freya: [It’s pretty unfortunate. I feel like he’s slightly disappointed in Sarah now. Moreover… I suspect that Sarah dislikes him for being… poor.]

Catherine: [??? Well, compared to 1oo billion dollars, he’s pretty poor.]

Freya laughed when she saw that message.

Suddenly, she heard a man’s voice scolding her. [ Freya… Be careful…]

Before she could react, a force pulled her against a firm chest all of a sudden. Next, she saw a little boy running over the spot she stood at just now.

Her heart sped up in fear. If Rodney had not pulled her over, she would have been knocked over by that child. She might even have gotten a miscarriage.

She looked up and saw Rodney’s handsome face.

“Freya, can you be more careful? You’re already pregnant, yet you’re still playing with your phone while walking. I really don’t know how you managed to survive thus far.”

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