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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1076

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1076

“Ahem, you indeed didn’t put on makeup. Forget it. I still have a lot of things to deal with. You can get back to work, but don’t make my baby exhausted.”

Rodney held a fist to his face and coughed. He retracted his awkward gaze and walked out.

Freya looked at him from behind. She concluded that he just came over to quarrel with her.

Back in the office.

Rodney was going through that month’s income statement. On the opposite side of the table, a female secretary was reporting the overall income situation of each major city.

The female secretary was 3o years old. She wore a two—piece suit.

Rodney raised his head and beckoned at her with his finger. “Come here, closer.”

The female secretary walked forward without putting her guard up. After all, everyone knew that

except for Sarah, other women were nothing in his eyes. They did not have to worry about him taking advantage of the secretaries.

“Your eyes… You’ve applied makeup on them, right?” Suddenly, Rodney scrunched his face.

The female secretary felt awkward. “The company has requirements for us to put on some makeup. ”

“So there are differences between people. Some people are born with features that make them look like they have on contact lenses and eyeliner, ” Rodney could not help but mutter.

“Are you talking about Director Lynch?”

The female secretary smiled and said, “Director Lynch’s pretty face looks like she’s mixed-race. She’s good-looking even without makeup. Her parents are clearly Australians, though.”

“She’s quite popular, huh?” Rodney raised his eyebrows.

“Yes, many male employees in the company treat her as their goddess. Many of them want to pursue her too, ” the female secretary said as she smiled.

Rodley tugged on his tie. His eyebrows were raised with a dangerous look in them. “Our company doesn’t allow office romance, right?”

The female secretary was confused. “Is there a rule like that?”

“There is. Have I forgotten to say it before? Dating within the company affects work efficiency. I’ll fire anyone who dates, ” Rodney said coldly.

Hah, was Freya thinking of dating other guys while carrying his child? In her dreams.

6:00 p.m.

Freya was finally done extracting the ingredient components of lavender. Suddenly, she heard Rodney’s voice in her ears.

“You haven’t gotten off work yet?”

Freya’s hand trembled. She looked at Rodney as if she had seen a ghost. “I should be the one asking you that. Shouldn’t you be looking for Sarah now?”

“What do you mean?” Rodney was like a porcupine. His eyebrows became straight.

“Well, usually you’d be gone even before 5:00 p.m. As the president, you’re always the last to arrive and the first to leave. Everyone in the company knows that you have to accompany Sarah the moment you get off work.” Freya took off her goggles and spoke honestly.

Rodney’s expression darkened from listening to her words.

However, he could not refute her at all. After all, that was the truth.

“Do many people… talk about it in the company?” he could not help asking.

“Not really. Who dares to talk about it? You’re the boss.” Freya asked curiously, “Aren’t you accompanying her today? From what I know, she probably needs you a lot now.”

Rodney felt stabbed again. He could not help but be depressed. “Do I look like I’m really needed by someone? I can’t even find a good lawyer. I only have a billion dollars in my hands…”

Sarah wanted to borrow money from him, but he could not give her the amount needed.

She then told him to leave. He felt like she was looking down on his poor financial situation.

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