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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1075

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1075

“Rodney Snow…” Freya was so furious that she glared at Rodney with her bright eyes. “Who are you to throw my jalapeno poppers away?”

“Who am I?” Rodney reacted as if he heard a joke. He lowered his head and gazed at her belly. “Simply because you’re pregnant with my child. I need to be concerned about my child’s diet. I can’t let you destroy my child with junk food.”

Freya rubbed her temples. As her mouth was currently bland, she wanted to eat something spicy t o stimulate her taste buds. However, Rodney had ruined her plans. Was he a rat?


Rodney continued, “Since you’re pregnant, why are you still working in the lab? Go home and sleep.”

“Sleep, my *ss.” Freya was at a loss for words. “I’m only one month pregnant, but you’re already stopping me from coming to work. You want to bore me to death and make me suffer from depression, huh?

“Stop biting the hand that feeds you. I’m doing this for your own good.”

Rodney replied sulkily, “Many women just stay home and nurture their babies after they’re pregnant. Our child is fated to live a luxurious life in the future. The Snow family won’t mistreat you either. You can indulge in the pleasures of life forever without having to work hard.”

Our child…

The moment Freya heard this phrase from his mouth, she found it extremely odd. She had never thought that she would share such a link with Rodney one day.

With that, her feelings became complicated all of a sudden.

“Why are you suddenly not speaking anymore?” It baffled Rodney to see her staring at him.

Freya sighed. “Rodney Snow, even without your family, I can rely on my parents and indulge in the pleasures of life forever. Anyway, one can’t possibly live like this. Instead, one should lead a productive life. To me, being able to develop cosmetic products that can make women beautiful and skincare products that can delay their aging process is what makes me fulfilled. When I walk into a mall and see

the products that I developed being sold, I’ll feel a sense of pride and satisfaction that no one else can provide me with.”

“So…” Rodney was stunned.

“So I’ll continue working although I’m pregnant. It won’t affect me in nurturing the baby because I’m doing something I enjoy. At the same time, I’ll protect the baby.”

After pushing him away, Freya wore a pair of gloves and took a test tube. Then, she used a cotton bud and dipped it into the liquid inside the tube. Later, she placed the cotton bud near the tip of her nose to smell it.

Her long lashes behind the goggles were as luscious and dark as a paintbrush.

Rodney zoned out while looking at her. He suddenly screamed, “Freya Lynch, you’re pregnant! Why are you wearing make-up?”

Freya, who was disturbed once more, lost her temper. “Are you blind? Where did I apply make-u

“Well… Your eyes.”

Pointing at her, Rodney said, “You’re wearing eyeliner and mascara…”

He remembered that Sarah’s lashes were not this luscious unless she put on make-up.

“This is how I originally look, okay. I never apply eye make-up,” Freya answered weakly while gnashing her teeth.

“I don’t believe it.” Rodney frowned. “Don’t try to fool me.”

“Check it yourself, then.” Freya took off the

goggles and stared at him without blinking her eyes.

Not knowing what to do, Rodney had no choice but to bend over to take a closer look at her.

After touching her long lashes, he realized that there was indeed nothing on them.

What was more, he found it interesting to see her lashes flutter like a butterfly at the touch of them.

He could not help but touch her lashes a few more times. His childish look was then reflected in Freya’s bright eyes, which resembled a mirror.

Somehow, he felt awkward.

He became annoyed, thinking that he must be out of his mind.

Freya was speechless and also slightly embarrassed.

It was because Rodney, that man, was so close to her at this moment. His attractive face could undoubtedly beat many young, handsome men in the entertainment industry.

It was no wonder those young and handsome men were so popular. Indeed, their appearance was a feast for the eyes. Rodney enjoyed wearing showy clothes in particular. From the way he was dressed, one could not tell that he was already in his early 30s.

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