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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1074

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1074

In the end, Rodney drove to Osher Corporation.

When he arrived there, he spotted a female employee rushing out of the elevator with two packets of jalapeno poppers in her arms.

“Aren’t you… Freya’s assistant?” Her name was on the tip of Rodney’s tongue. He had met her a few times in past meetings.

“I’m Lauren Cox,” the female employee said, “ Director Lynch ordered takeaway and asked me to collect the food.”

“You mean these…?” Rodney pointed at the jalapeno poppers in her arms and his handsome face darkened.

“Yeah… This kind of food is allowed in the company, right?” His expression frightened Lauren.

Of course, their company did not set any rules about food. Having said that, could she eat… such food with heavy flavors considering that she was a pregnant woman?

Hold on!

Rodney realized something else. “Is Director Lynch still at work?”

“Of course. It’s not even time for a break…” Lauren noticed that his face had turned grim, but she was not sure what she had said wrong.

“Pass these to me. I’m going to meet her. Where’s she?”

Rodney snatched the packets away. “In the lab.”

Rodney strode toward the laboratory that was behind him.

When he stepped in, he saw Freya developing a product with her head down. She was wearing a white coat and a pair of goggles.

It was his first time seeing her like this.

Although the two of them had been working in the same company, he hardly came to the laboratory. Also, he was not working whenever she visited him.

Freya was wearing a light yellow checked shirt. Of course, with the white coat covering her body, the curves on her exquisite figure were not visible. This woman could not even be associated with the word ‘

fashionable’ when she was working.

Nevertheless, her serious and cautious expression made her look like an authoritative researcher whom nobody dared to look down on.

They said that men looked charming when they were working. However, women who were focused o n work were also equally charming.

Freya heard footsteps, so she thought it was Lauren who came back. She extended her hand in the direction of the footsteps while looking at the result of her experiment.

Rodney glanced at her pretty and clean hand. After that, he shifted his eyes to her serious face.

He was stunned. After a moment of hesitation, he ultimately placed his hand on her palm.

This was what she meant… Right?

Freya pinched the hand that was much bigger than hers.

She suddenly turned around, only to see Rodney’s dazed and handsome face. She then glanced at the man’s big hand that was holding hers.

Her eyes behind the goggles revealed a confused look. After that, she flew into a rage and broke free from his hand. “Rodney Snow, are you out of your mind? What are you trying to do?”

“You stretched out your hand to me. Wasn’t this what you meant?” Stung by her criticism, Rodney argued sulkily, “Why are you yelling? It’s not like I’m despising you now.”

“Are you a dog?” Freya criticized, “Only a dog will put its paw on its owner’s hand that’s stretched out.”

“Say it again if you have the guts.” Rodney’s handsome face flushed with anger. “I’m your superior. Is this how you should speak to your superior? What’s more, who asked you to stretch out your hand to me so randomly?”

“Was I stretching out my hand to you? I thought Lauren came back to pass me the jalapeno peppers.”

At the mention of the jalapeno poppers, Rodney snorted nonchalantly. “I threw them.”

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