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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1072

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1072

When Shaun carried Suzie into the car, the driver suddenly asked, “Is this your child?”

“… Mm,” Shaun responded casually.

Since Liam had gone missing, he would treat Suzie like his biological daughter in the future.

“Both of you look very alike.” The driver smiled.

“Yeah, she looks like me. ” Shaun was filled with mixed feelings. “Have you just moved here recently? I’ve never seen you before.”

“Yeah.” The driver turned around and got into the car.

After the two cars drove past each other, Shaun glanced in the direction that the car was heading.

That manor above used to be the Hill family’s manor.

Could the man be the buyer of the manor?

However, he was not in the mood to dwell on the matter related to the manor as he had just found out Catherine was going to be living together with Wesley.

He was certain that Wesley would sleep with Catherine.

His heart clenched at the thought of Catherine lying beneath Wesley’s body.

This was not the crucial point. What worried Shaun more was the possibility of Catherine being pregnant with Wesley’s child. Wesley was absolutely not a good person. Shaun did not mind parting with Catherine, but he was worried that she would end up in the same situation as Lea.


Shaun suddenly called out to her. “Can you call Aunty Cathy tomorrow and let her know that you met with an accident? Tell her that you want her to come over to accompany you.”

Suzie widened her reddened eyes, which looked adorable. “This isn’t a good idea… Aunty Cathy hates people who lie.”

“But you’re not going to lie. It’s true that we had met with an accident just now. You even got a shock and cried, right?” Shaun talked the pure Suzie into i t like a wolf.

Suzie replied, “Uh… Uncle Shaun, you’ve turned into a bad guy. Is it because you haven’t gotten over Aunty Cathy? She’s already married, so you should give up on her.”

Shaun laughed bitterly. “ If she had married a good person, I’d wish her happiness, but Wesley is hypocritical and evil. I’m worried Aunty Cathy will get hurt in the future.”

A dazed look washed over Suzie’s face. “No. I think Uncle Wesley is quite nice.”

“Suzie, he treats you and Aunty Cathy well with the intention of winning over Aunty Cathy’s heart. I just can’t make certain things clear to you. Having

said that, just trust me when I say that he’s two- faced,” Shaun said earnestly.

“What does two-faced mean?”

“It means saying one thing and doing another.” Shaun looked at her imploringly, trying to ingratiate himself with her. “Suzie, don’t you believe me? Yes, I was a bad person last time, but at least I was openly bad.”

Suzie was at a loss for words. She did not expect her scummy dad to act in such a servile manner.

Fine. She decided to help him considering how pathetic he was.

Moreover, she did not want her mommy to live with Uncle Wesley either. Once her mommy gave birth to a new baby, she would no longer be the apple of her mommy’s eye.”

As for Lucas, forget about him. He was like an ice statue.

Shaun took Suzie to Hill Corporation.

Upon learning that Suzie was here, Lea planned to bring her granddaughter upstairs in person to play with her.

Before Lea left, she asked, “How did it go with asking for 1oo billion dollars from Sarah?”

“ She’s not planning to return it,” Shaun answered.

Lea snorted in fury. “I’ve long since told you that this woman isn’t a good person, but you refused to listen to me and even gave her 1oo billion dollars without me knowing it. How generous of you.”

“Didn’t you give Mason a lot of money too? Since you guys have been together for over 2o years, you probably gave him more than 1oo billion dollars.” Shaun raised his brows. “No doubt, I’m your biological son. I take after you.”

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