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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1070

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1070

Catherine did not show any other reactions, but Shaun was emotionally agitated.

In the past few days, he had found himself in a difficult dilemma about whether to see her or not. He dreaded seeing her, but he dearly missed her at the same time.

“Cathy, I’m sorry. I really didn’t know…”

Shaun began to explain like a lost kid, “I didn’t mean to behave like that. I never thought that such a ridiculous thing would happen to me either.

Sarah’s hypnosis was so powerful that it rewrote all my memories and made me hate you so much.

That’s why I was unaware of it…”

“So are you asking me to forgive you?” Catherine suddenly turned her head around, her tranquil eyes settling on his handsome face.

“ I … ” Awkward, Shaun did not know what to say. His eyes reddened in agony. “Cathy, I love you. My love for you has never changed…”


Catherine finally laughed. “Shaun, even if you hadn’t been hypnotized by Sarah, we might’ve already divorced by now.”

Shaun was dazed. “That wouldn’t be the case.”

“It’s funny how I’m the only one who remembers that relationship of ours. In truth, we started having issues with our relationship before that.

When you were still clear-headed, you completely ignored me and would spend time with Sarah every day. When you guys went for gatherings, I would occasionally join but I was the most unwelcome person in your circle.”

Catherine recounted the past happenings, “You simply let your friends throw mud at me and attack me. You’d forever stand up for Sarah rather than me. You thought that I was making a scene. When I got pregnant later, we hardly talked to each other. Moreover, you were often not at home. I couldn’t feel your care at all.”

Shaun’s lashes fluttered weakly.

He had been under the impression that the two of them were very loving before this and it was Sarah who changed everything through her hypnosis.

It turned out that he had already been treating Catherine unreasonably before that.

Catherine continued, “I’ve long since known how cruel and wicked Sarah is. I had reminded you countless times to keep a distance from her, but you assumed that I was trying to tear you guys apart. You had too much trust in Sarah, which was also why she managed to hypnotize you.

“Shaun, even so, I didn’t hate you back then. I only began to hate you after I lost our children and something happened to Freya. It was fine that you didn’t love me and defended her, but you even lost your morals and crossed the line. That was just terrifying. Why did you have to take advantage of others for the sake of your relationship?

“Shaun, in case you’re unclear about it, you’re not a victim. You deserve this.”

He deserved this…

Shaun’s handsome face was as white as a sheet.

A moment later, he smiled wryly. “Yeah, I deserve it. I used to have a wife and children, but I didn’t know how to appreciate them. I treated you like trash, yet I treated that wicked woman as the apple of my eye—”

“Wifey, it’s time for breakfast.”

Wesley suddenly walked out the door and called out to Catherine in an affectionate, gentle manner.

Shaun’s body jerked. At the sight of Wesley in pajamas, his reddened eyes carried a surge of emotions.

Did Wesley spend the night here? Were they… living together?

Shaun heard Wesley calling his ex-wife ‘Wifey’.

“Mr. Hill, your relationship with my wife remains i n the past. Today, you’re just here to pick Suzie up. I think there’s nothing much the two of you have to talk about.”

Wesley gently put his hand around Catherine’s waist, his body sticking close to hers. “By the way, let me warn you. You had greater status than me before this, so I had no choice but to put up with you when you threatened me at my wedding. But now, you’re not the Young Master Hill you used to be anymore. Hill Corporation is far from where Golden Corporation is now. I hope… you’ll stay away from my wife. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude.”

Wesley’s eyes were frosty as he spoke softly. Shaun sneered at him.

Was Wesley threatening him?

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