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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1068

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1068

“No need.” Freya shook her head. “I don’t need you to be responsible for me. Since the Snow family is forcing me to give birth to this child and even threatening me with this child, I’ll give birth to them but I won’t marry you.”

Rodney never thought that she would rather remain unmarried and give birth to the child than marry him.

He was supposed to be glad, yet he was upset somehow.

“Freya Lynch, do you dislike me so much?”

‘I’ve never liked you.’

Freya insulted him inwardly before she seriously said, “When I got into a relationship three years ago, I fell in love with a guy in college and we were together for four to five years. We had even met each others’ parents and were getting ready for our wedding. But one day, he stood my family and me up for his childhood sweetheart. He didn’t do it only once but many times. He always put his childhood best friend above everything else.

“Whenever we went out on a date, he would bring his childhood best friend along.

“When his childhood best friend got sick, he would take care of her.

“He claimed that he only treated her as a sister and was not in love with her. Later, I couldn’t endure it anymore so I broke up with him. Shortly after, he got into a relationship with that childhood best friend of his.

“By the way, he even blamed me for being narrow- minded after we broke up. He said that his childhood best friend was truly in love with him while I didn’t love him enough.”

Listening to her story, Rodney was stunned.

He suddenly pitied her.

All this while, he had been under the impression that he was pathetic when it came to relationships. He never thought that Freya would be the same as him.

“So you still can’t get over that shameless man, right?”


Freya shook her head. “Although I initiated the break-up, I was actually the one who got dumped. I don’t want to experience that kind of feeling anymore. If we get together for the sake of the child and I don’t hold a place in your heart because you can’t get over Sarah, I’m afraid you’ll dump me eventually.”

For a long time, Rodney did not utter a word.

He just watched her lower her head as she ate the pasta. A complicated feeling of bitterness seized him.

“Then… It’s alright. If there’s anything, you can call me anytime. I’ll get you a housekeeper. Don’t eat processed food anymore.”


In the mall.

Catherine accompanied Freya to stroll around aimlessly. “So you’ve made a deal with Rodney at last?”

“Duh. You couldn’t even defeat Sarah. Will I be able to defeat her?”

Freya shook her head. “What’s more, if I were to

stay with Rodney every day, I’m afraid I’d depend o n him as time passed since his cooking is wonderful. I don’t want to depend on anyone.”

“I’m just worried that you’ll get hurt.”

Catherine sighed. “Actually, it’s not easy to be a single mother. It’ll affect your next marriage. Once you give birth… you need to be responsible for the child.”

“What else can I do? No matter how popular I am, I’m still a cosmetic chemist. I’m not capable enough to fight against the Snow family.” Freya gave a bitter laugh.

Catherine kept quiet.

It was true that none of the families were comparable to the Snow family given their status in both politics and business.

After dinner, Catherine sent Freya home. Then, she received a call from Logan.

“There’s nothing suspicious about President Lyons.”

Logan said, “He’s been going to work on time every day. Sometimes, there are women who try to seduce him during banquets, but he ignores them all.

When he’s engaged in social activities, he won’t drink nor smoke. Other men will call some women over, but there won’t be any women around him. Besides, he does charity and actively advocates for children living in poverty by raising funds for them. He’s also gentle to his employees. Based on what I heard from the employees in Golden Corporation, none of them has pointed out anything bad about him.”

Catherine frowned upon hearing this. Was she overthinking it?

Could it be that Shaun had lied to her and Wesley did not actually send him that video?

Logan asked out of confusion, “There’s nothing wrong with Wesley. Why did you ask me to investigate him?” “Fine. Stop following him and come back.”

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