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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1066

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1066

Freya furrowed her brows. She previously disliked eating pickles and even wondered why so many people enjoyed eating such gross food.

Nevertheless, she realized that she had become addicted to it this month.

Only at this point did it hit her that her pregnancy was the reason for it.

“You’re wrong. I only started liking pickles when I got pregnant. It’s the baby who wants to have them, ” she replied in a self-righteous manner.

“My baby won’t love to eat such gross food.” Without hesitation, Rodney took the jar away and threw all the pickles into the garbage bin.

Freya erupted with rage. “Rodney Snow, do you know how pricey a jar of pickles is? It cost over ten dollars.”

Rodney was at a loss for words. “That’s pricey, huh? You’re staying in a duplex apartment worth hundreds of billions of dollars and receiving a

monthly pay of hundreds of thousands of dollars. You also have 1oo million dollars in the card that Osher Corporation gave you the other day. How dare you say the pickles are pricey?!”

“ Still, they’re pricey. The pickles in packets that I usually have cost only five dollars.”

“Shut your mouth.”

Rodney was fed up with her. “Freya Lynch, I’m warning you not to eat such processed food anymore as it’ll harm my child.”

“Your child?” Freya repeated with red eyes. “This child shouldn’t even exist. If your family hadn’t stopped me, I would’ve aborted it already.”

Deep down, Rodney felt terrible as Wendy’s words came to him. “The child is already one centimeter long. They’re a living being too. When you make such a remark, the child will hear it and feel bad. ”

Freya was stunned.

The child could feel bad even though they were only one centimeter long?

Was he treating her like a fool?

Anyway, it was just strange to hear Rodney say things like these.

“Are you thinking about keeping the child? It’d be very out of character of you to do this.”

Freya asked oddly, “Aren’t you the kind who can go as far as denying your connections with everyone else and turning against the world for Sarah’s sake? Your biological parents don’t even have a place in your heart, much less your child. If Sarah asked you to eat sh*t, you’d even do it right away, wouldn’t you?”

Rodney was speechless.

Damn. He nearly went mad. Had he been acting like a f*cking idiot?

Upon noticing that he had stopped talking, Freya persuaded him. “Rodney Snow, I know you’ve always disliked me but we should team up and turn against others at this moment. You must help me tell your family that any woman out there can give birth to a child. They don’t necessarily have to make me do it.”

“Of course, I wish for this too. I did advise them, but my grandpa said…”

Rodney’s alluringly beautiful eyes revealed a hint of bitterness and loneliness. “He said if I don’t take responsibility, I’ll no longer be a part of the Snow family. My dad will even break family ties with me and expose it to the public.”

“Go ahead and break your family ties, then.”

Freya said in a light-hearted manner, “You’re the sort who puts love above everything else. Romantic relationships are the only thing in your brain. You were born to be the male lead in romance novels since you can sacrifice everything for love— ”

“Just zip it if you don’t know what to say.” Rodney wished he could shut her mouth.

He actually did it by covering her mouth using his hand.

His hand was big, whereas her face was small. Therefore, his palm covered half of her face, which felt soft and smooth. Her face was also tender and bouncy. He could not help but squeeze her face lightly, letting him feel a different sensation.

“Freya, you have such a small face…” The man touched her face.

No matter how shameless Freya was, her face still flushed in spite of herself.

She yanked his hand away and glared at him with her eyes. “Rodney Snow, can you stop touching my face? You’re behaving like a hooligan.”

“I… Hooligan?” Rodney was astounded. When he reflected on his action and realized that he had indeed touched her subconsciously just now, a blush of shame crept up his handsome face.

“I just don’t want to hear you speak. Your voice is terrible.”

“It’s the same for me. When I hear your voice, my head hurts.”

The noise coming out of his mouth caused Freya’s head to hurt. She was hungry earlier. Now that all her pickles had been thrown away, she felt even hungrier.

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