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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1065

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1065

Chester snorted. “Fine. You’re just biased against Sarah. But let me remind you that once you get out o f the Snow family, Sarah will leave you sooner or later.”

“You’re bullsh*tting.”

Rodney could not help but yell at him, “Chester Jewell, you’re just like Shaun! Why have you guys become like this? The five of us grew up together, yet you guys are discriminating against Sarah.”

“Yes, the whole world is discriminating against Sarah and you’re the only one who is defending her. You’re clear-headed, and something is wrong with everyone else. Then go and fight against the world for her sake. Also, personally kill your own child.”

Chester became annoyed. “I’m going to perform surgery now. I’m not free to talk to you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he strode out with an impassive face.

Indeed, talking to Rodney made his blood boil. Chester began to feel a little sympathetic toward Freya.

Rodney then walked out of the doctor’s office. He walked down the stairs in a soulless manner.

When he got down, he happened to be at the pediatrics unit.

A father in his 30s who was hugging a pretty baby walked past him. The one -year-old baby had large dark eyes. Nevertheless, she looked listless, probably because she was sick. Even so, she looked very cute.

The father gently calmed her, saying, “Don’t be scared, baby. The doctor is just going to take a look a t your throat. He won’t give you a shot…”

Somehow, Rodney felt a tight sensation in his heart. Was he going to kill a cute baby like her?


As he drove the car in distress, he arrived at the gate of Freya’s house without him realizing it.

After he pressed the doorbell, someone pushed the door open from inside.

Dressed in a pink shirt and a pair of jeans, Freya fixed her fierce eyes on him.

“Why are you glaring at me?” Rodney was aggrieved. He wanted to glower at her as well, considering that he was a victim.

“You got me pregnant and your family doesn’t allow me to abort the child. Who should I glare at if not you?” The instant Freya saw him, she flew into a rage.

Rodney touched his nose. Indeed, it was Jessica, that b*stard, who secretly switched out Freya’s pill, causing her to be pregnant. “It’s all because you couldn’t resist throwing yourself at me at that time. If you had resisted your urges, you wouldn’t be pregnant now.”

“Then don’t call Thomas over. Don’t call me over to your company to develop a new product for you. ”

Freya lost her temper. “Rodney Snow, are you actually a man? Can you stop passing the buck?”

“If I weren’t a man, how could I have gotten you pregnant?” Rodney mocked her.

“I mean… As a man, you must take responsibility for your actions.”

Freya replied moodily, “You never have the courage to admit your actions. You even shift the blame to others. Why does the Snow family have such a member like you?”

Old Master Snow’s words came to him all of a sudden. Rodney pursed his thin lips with discomfort.

Was he such a disgrace to the Snow family?

Upon noticing that he was not uttering a word, Freya could not be bothered about him. She turned around and walked back to her coffee table to continue having pickles.

After Rodney entered the house, the smell of pickles drifted into his nostrils and nearly made him vomit. “Freya Lynch, why are you feeding my baby that sort of processed food? Are you trying to suffocate it with that nasty smell?”

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