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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1063

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1063

Two hours later.

Rodney was urgently called back to the Snow family’s villa.

“Grandpa, why did you call me back so urgently? What’s the matter? Hurry up and tell me. I still have a lot of company matters to deal with.” Rodney lied. He actually planned to look for Shaun in Hill Corporation later.

F*ck! How dare Shaun issue Sarah an attorney’s letter? Was Shaun insane because he was strapped for cash?

“It’s been three days since you last returned to the office. All you’ve been doing every day is spending time with Sarah. What a shame that you mentioned the company’s matters.” Looking at Rodney’s alluringly handsome face, Old Master Snow felt a strong urge to slap him to death.

Why did he have such an incapable eldest grandchild?

“How do you guys know? Freya, that big mouth, told you guys, didn’t she?” Rodney suddenly lost his temper.

“Shut up! Freya didn’t say anything about you.”

Jason could not help slapping the table. He took a deep breath before he said, “Freya went to the hospital for a prenatal test yesterday and a close family member of ours spotted her. Only then did we find out that she has been pregnant for over a month. The child is yours, so you need to get ready and marry her immediately.”

“How can this be?”

Rodney’s handsome face became ferocious all of a sudden. “Freya must have done it on purpose. I made that woman take a contraceptive pill last time and she told me she took it. It turns out that she lied to me. I understand now. She pretended as if she didn’t want to marry into the Snow family to make me lower my guard. What a scheming woman she is! I’m sure she deliberately let that close

family member of ours spot her doing the prenatal test as well.”

Unable to bring herself to listen to Rodney anymore, Wendy slapped him in the face.

“Mom, you slapped me?”

Rodney found it unbelievable. Wendy had loved him the most since he was young. She would never have slapped him. “Is it because you’ve been fed lies by Freya Lynch? Because of her, you’re even slapping your biological son now.”

Wendy shook. “Are you out of your mind? It’s alright if you were beaten silly after getting slapped, but you’ve become so foolish instead.”

Old Master Snow said furiously, “The person who spotted Freya doing the prenatal test was your buddy, Chester. He happened to be guiding a clinical surgery in Delmont Hospital yesterday. So, tell me how Freya planned to let us discover it?

“What’s more, Freya made an appointment to have an abortion today. It was your mom and sister who received the news and dealt with the matter. Freya herself is set on aborting the child, but your sister threatened her with the Lynch family. Rodney, you’re biased against Freya. That’s why you keep thinking that she’s plotting something. You should not be biased anymore. She’s a truly nice woman.”

Rodney’s mouth twitched. Fine, perhaps it was a stretch to say that Freya was a scheming woman. “ Why did Chester let you all know about this matter? He should’ve told me.”

“If he told you, would you have stopped Freya from aborting the child?”

Jason snorted. “Obviously, Chester hoped that we would stop Freya from aborting the child. Think about it. Your buddy used to support you in getting together with Sarah, but why does he support Freya now? It’s because he can tell that Sarah isn’t a simple woman. Can’t you see things clearly yet?”

“I don’t want to hear you guys throwing mud at Sarah. Regardless, I won’t marry Freya. I agreed to marry her previously just because you guys threatened me.”

Rodney added in annoyance, “Moreover, she lied to me when she said that she took the contraceptive pill. She’s clearly a scheming woman.”

“You’re wrong. She did take the pill.”

Old Master Snow suddenly sighed. “It was your sister who asked the staff at the pharmacy to switch the pills. Rodney, as a man, you should at least have a sense of responsibility. Did she seduce you to sleep with her? No. It was Thomas who tricked her and even caused her to be pregnant now. Have you seriously thought about it? That this is your child? You’re going to be a father.”

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