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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1062

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1062

Jessica acted as if she did not hear Freya’s yell. She remained calm and said arrogantly, “If you give birth to the child, not only will I make sure that the Lynch family will live without worries, but I’ll also allow you guys to rise to greater heights.

“You’ll be able to own ten percent of the shares in Snow Corporation. Of course, you can choose not to marry Rodney, or marry him and divorce him later.”

“When all is said and done, you guys are just trying t o push me to give birth to this child.”

With that, Freya went mad. “It’s just a matter of pregnancy. You guys can even get a random woman to become pregnant with Rodney’s child. By then, it won’t be one pregnancy per month. If he does it with many women, he can easily get them pregnant and you’ll have ten children on the way within a month.”

Wendy sighed. “This is the first grandchild in the Snow family. We really hope that they can come into this world. Freya, since this child happens to be in your belly, it signifies the destiny between the two of you.”

Freya gave a bitter laugh. “To me, it’s like a tiny tadpole now. I can’t even treat it as a child.”

“Freya, I’ll make Rodney take responsibility for you, ” Jason persuaded her sincerely.

Jessica said impassively, “Remember what I said. If the child is gone, you have to bear the consequences on your own.”

Freya almost broke down and went insane. She simply did not want the child. She did not want it. What did she do in her last life that had caused her to provoke the Snow family?

“Freya, go home with us.” Wendy approached her to hold her hand.

However, Freya shunned her and turned around without looking back at the Snows. She pulled Catherine along and left straight away.

Her cold figure left Wendy feeling terrible. “I’ve only forced two people in my life —one is Rodney, and the other is Freya. I really don’t want to force Freya, but I just hope she can save Rodney from Sarah’s clutches.”

The recent incident of Shaun demanding 1oo billion dollars from Sarah had caused an uproar among the wealthy families in Canberra.

Shaun had never slept with Sarah. He had even assisted Neeson Corporation for years. Although Sarah cheated on him, when they broke up, Sarah actually took 1oo billion dollars from Shaun. How brilliant and terrifying this woman must be!

Unfortunately, Wendy’s silly son seemed to have been bewitched. He dumped his pretty fiancée, and his life revolved around Sarah.

Wendy was left with no alternative. She was trying to count on the child to make Rodney realize his duty as a father.

“Jessica, why did you behave that way earlier?” Jason cast a helpless look at his daughter.

Jessica bit her scarlet lip. “Dad, Mom, I’ve always been the bad person in our family. This is my last time standing up for Rodney, that dumb*ss. I won’t meddle in his affairs anymore.”

Jessica swung around and left without looking back. She often maintained an arrogant, upright figure, which made others see her as a cruel female devil.

When she turned, her shoulders relaxed and exuded an inexplicable sense of fatigue.

Nobody knew that she actually did not wish to be a bad person.

However, Old Master Snow had told her that her parents and brother were too kind and gentle.

Although members like them could be in the Snow family, a person as sharp as a razor was needed to remove the obstacles for the Snow family and help Nathan rise to the top.

Living in the Snow family, this was her only choice.

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