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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1061

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1061

The next day.

Catherine took a day off to accompany Freya to the obstetrics and gynecology unit.

After looking at the ultrasound and blood test reports, the doctor said, “If you want to have an abortion, you can do it this afternoon.”

“This afternoon?” Freya widened her eyes. “So soon She thought it would take a few days, so she had yet to brace herself mentally. “Will it hurt badly?”

“Pain is inevitable. If you’re really afraid of pain, you can choose to be anesthetized.”

“Anesthetize me, then.” Freya nodded in a daze.

As soon as she walked out of the consulting room, she suddenly faced Wendy, Jessica, and Jason who were waiting outside.

“Freya, I heard you’re pregnant.”

Beaming with joy, Wendy walked to her. She was already in her 5os. Her friends had all become

grandmothers. Only her two sons had yet to give her a grandchild. Yesterday, when she learned that Freya was pregnant, she was so excited that she did not sleep the whole night.

“Aunty Wendy, how did you all find out?” Freya was at her wit’s end. The situation gave her a sense of foreboding.

“When you came to do a prenatal test yesterday, a close family member of ours spotted you.” However, Jessica did not reveal that it was Chester.

Catherine and Freya exchanged glances and remained silent.

Yesterday, the two of them had deliberately chosen to come to this hospital as it did not belong to the Jewell family and they were afraid of being spotted. Nevertheless, they still failed to keep it a secret.

Needless to say, the Snow family would definitely stop Freya from having an abortion.

Jason gazed at her imploringly. “Freya, keep this child. We’ll immediately arrange a grand wedding for you and Rodney. Rodney has a responsibility to you.”

“Yeah. You’re already his fiancée.” Wendy nodded. “ As long as you’re willing to keep the child, we’ll agree to whatever request you make.”

Freya shook her head. “Uncle Jason, Aunty Wendy, Aunty Jessica, I know all of you treat me well but I really don’t want to marry Rodney. I agreed to get engaged before this as an act of expediency to solve the serious issue that night. We’re not a good match. If I give birth to this child, they’ll suffer a lot. I don’t want them to be born in an incomplete family.”

Her words caused Wendy to be uneasy. “Freya, Rodney was just careless. He’ll see through Sarah’s true colors sooner or later.”

“How soon?”

Catherine could not resist chipping in, “Rodney is madly in love with Sarah. He won’t even make a good father. He doesn’t have a sense of responsibility to the family either. This is obvious enough from how he’s refusing to listen to his parents and insisting on being with Sarah. To him, love takes priority over others. What’s more, Sarah isn’t someone to be taken lightly.”

“Uncle Jason, Aunty Wendy, Aunty Jessica, I’m not desperate for money.”

Freya added earnestly, “I won’t change my mind even if you try to persuade me using shares and money. In fact, 1oo million, 1oo billion, and a

trillion dollars make little difference to me. Although my family isn’t as wealthy as the Snow family, I’m content with what I have.”

Jason sighed. Freya’s words made him think highly of her.

This was the kind of person who was raised in a peaceful, blessed, and rich family. However, Rodney failed to appreciate this woman. What a pity.

“If you want the Lynch family to collapse, go ahead and abort the child, ” Jessica said out of the blue.

“What do you mean?” Freya stared at Jessica, feeling exasperated. They were both women, so why was she acting like the devil?

“Perhaps money and power can’t really move you, but what about your family?” With her pretty face, Jessica continued indifferently, “I can make your family’s years of hard work go down the drain. I can let your family experience the misery of being strapped for cash and unable to spend their remaining years peacefully. With our ability, we can make it happen by simply giving an order.”

“Are you the devil?” Freya could no longer tolerate her.

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