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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1059

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1059

[Probably, since Catherine didn’t sue him. In any case, Eldest Young Master can’t get it up. His love life is so complicated.]

Once again, Catherine was dragged into this chaotic love triangle. She had no clue as to what Shaun was thinking.

Was this what it meant to send the helve after the hatchet?

Not only were the netizens gossiping, her best friend Freya, who was also passionate about gossip, soon called her. “Babe, I’ll treat you to dinner tonight. We haven’t met in so long. I miss you.”

Catherine rolled her eyes to the sky. “We just met two days ago. I don’t miss you at all.”

“Come on, don’t be like that. I’ll treat you to the most expensive Japanese cuisine in Canberra.” Freya chuckled.

In the end, Catherine agreed to the meetup.

Freya respectfully poured tea for her. “ Shaun really can’t get it up?”

“Pfft.” Freya was too direct and Catherine almost choked at that. “Are you done?”

“Hehe, I was just curious. What is Shaun planning?” Freya whispered, “Rodney didn’t come for two days after this outburst. I heard from his secretary’s office saying that he has been contacting the world’s top lawyers these days.”


“And they all ignored him.”

Freya could not help but rejoice in his suffering. “ The world’s top lawyers only serve the world’s richest people. But some renowned lawyers came to offer their services. It’s probably because they thought Shaun was no longer the same after he lost his last lawsuit to the third-rate lawyer you hired. ”

“Rodney is probably trying to find a lawyer for Sarah.”

Catherine shook her head. “This lawsuit can’t be won. Firstly, the amount is too large. Secondly, Shaun has no evidence that he never touched Sarah. The two of them don’t have a marriage certificate s o the judge won’t necessarily order Sarah to return

100 billion to Shaun. At most, Sarah would be left with one billion.”

“Yeah, 1oo billion. Shaun’s brain must have been waterlogged for him to give her that much.”

Freya shook her head. “He dared to give it to her, she dared to take it, and she’s not willing to pay back a dime for it. What’s confounding is that Rodney is stupid enough to look for a lawyer for Sarah. Isn’t he afraid of others accusing him of colluding with Sarah to take Shaun’s 1oo billion for themselves?”

She put a slice of sashimi in her mouth as she spoke.

However, after tasting a slice, a great sense of nausea came surging.

She quickly took the trash can by her feet and vomited.

“What’s wrong?” Catherine had a bad feeling as she watched Freya. “Are you… pregnant?”

“Don’t be crazy.”

Freya rolled her eyes. “I took the contraceptives. Maybe it’s because I’m not feeling well.”

“If it were in the past, you would have no problems finishing a plate of sashimi.” Catherine was someone who had experienced it before. Her

expression was tense. “Not all contraceptives are effective. Sometimes, there might be tadpoles that slip through the net. Let me ask you. Have you gotten your period this month?”

Freya’s complexion drained at those words. She was in fact more than a week late this month, but she usually had irregular periods.

“Stop eating.” Catherine took away the sashimi in front of Freya when she did not respond and replaced it with cooked food.

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