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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1058

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1058

However, some netizens thought Shaun was doing the right thing. [Oh my God. loo billion for a relationship. God, please give me a relationship like this. Never mind my youth from more than a decade ago, I’m willing to have this relationship even if it drags on to my middle-age.]
[Is Sarah made of gold? 1oo billion. Not even the most beautiful woman in the world is as expensive a s her. Even the richest person in the world wouldn’t be so expensive to date, right?]

[Well, I used to sympathize with Sarah. I was blind. She’s the luckiest woman in the world.]

[I used to call Shaun a scumbag every day, but I won’t scold him anymore. Holy sh*t, 1oo billion as a breakup fee. Who the hell wouldn’t want to date him?]

[Now the key point is that Shaun wants to get back the 1oo billion. It shows that he’s not that generous. Everyone seems to be focusing on the wrong thing.]

[Please, if nothing happened to Hill Corporation

and they didn’t have problems with their funding, Shaun wouldn’t have come back for that 100 billion.

[I feel like it’s really too much for Sarah to take 1oo billion. At least return half of it.]

[Just half of it is already 500 million. It’s enough for her to live an extravagant and wealthy life. But I’m guessing Sarah won’t do it. Otherwise, why would Shaun send her an attorney’s letter?]

[Why do I suddenly feel like Sarah is fake? Did she really love Shaun? I’m guessing she just went in for the money.]

[Duh? If Shaun wasn’t the richest man, would Sarah pester and love him? I don’t believe that true love exists in this world.]

Catherine was shocked.

Shaun actually went to Sarah to get back his 1oo billion breakup fee?

That was too strange. Even if he was broke and ladened with debts, a man like Shaun would never ask his ex to return the breakup fee. Furthermore, it was Sarah. Could he bear to do that to her?

However, that amount really… made her sad.

She also dated him and gave birth to his children, but she did not get a single cent when they divorced.

Compared to Sarah, she really…

Forget it. She could not think about it. The more she thought about it, the more speechless she became.

What made her even more speechless was that as the netizens were discussing, Shaun made a public statement. [Sarah and I dated for more than ten years, but nothing happened between us in those ten years. That was because when I was young, I was too preoccupied with work, and Sarah and I were too young when we started dating. That’s why we’ve always maintained a platonic relationship.

[In the following three years, something wrong happened to my body, so I had undergone physical and psychological examinations. The following are records of my physical examination. In addition, I didn’t mean to waste Ms. Neeson’s youth. In these three years, I realized that I was in poor health and suggested breaking up on multiple occasions, but Ms. Neeson refused. Now, I just want to recover the 100 billion I gave her after breaking up.]

Then, Shaun uploaded several medical certificates from hospital examinations and a medical report

that was handwritten by a doctor, complete with a timestamp and the name of the hospital.

The netizens exploded again.

[So in the end, what Eldest Young Master Hill is saying is that… he can’t… get it up? That scared me to death.]

[Eldest Young Master taking back this 1oo billion is throwing caution to the wind.]

[The key point is that Eldest Young Master spent 100 billion to let a woman live an extravagant life, and he has never even touched her before. Doesn’t Sarah feel bad by accepting that money?]

[What’s there to feel bad about? She doesn’t even mind that Eldest Young Master’s body can’t function. It’s clear that she went to him for the money. I won’t believe that she loves Eldest Young Master so much that she’s willing to never bed him.

[That’s true. If she has money, she can find fresh meat outside anytime. We were too stupid for sympathizing with a woman worth hundreds of millions. We were even worried that she would suffer.]

[No, I’m just curious if Eldest Young Master is only unreactive to Sarah. Is he like that with Catherine too?]

[That’s true. Did he just stare at Catherine when he took her captive back then?]

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