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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1057

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1057

Chester’s deep eyes sank.

After kneeling by their resting place for a long time, he finally got up and went to look for the grave keeper at the foot of the mountain.

The person was surprised to hear that the urns were exhumed. “That’s insane. Who would steal someone else’s ashes?”

Chester’s eyes flickered in surprise.

Yes, no one would be senseless enough to steal ashes.

Unless that person was a relative or a family member who did not want the deceased to be buried here.

Or maybe the person already knew that the urn buried beside Boris’ was not Jennifer’s.

It was impossible for it to be Thomas or Sarah because they were the ones who placed it there in the first place. The only other possibility was…


She was not dead. She came back.

Chester pulled out a cigarette from his trousers pocket and lit one. The smoke haloed around his delicate brows. “Let me ask you. Has a young and beautiful woman visited in the past few years?”

“It’s not All Souls’ Day anytime soon so no one comes around. How would there be a young and beautiful woman?” The grave keeper checked the computer. “The plots you mentioned have no contact details listed. If you’re here to pay your respects to them, can you contact her family?”

Chester was stunned. “There’s no contact details listed? Does the family of that grave usually come to visit?”

“I’m not sure. There are always a lot of people visiting during All Souls’ Day. The only thing I remember is that there’s a beautiful and young woman who seems to come every year.” The grave keeper recalled and said.

“Does she look like this?” Chester found a group photo of Sarah and them in his phone.


The grave keeper shook his head. “That girl has big eyes, like… like someone who was of mixed descent.

She visits the graves every year. This year, she brought another beautiful woman about her age. She wasn’t here during All Souls’ Day, hence I could recall clearly, but I remember that she got into a fight with a pair of siblings, a brother and sister, during her last visit. Oh, I remember now. This woman was one of the siblings.”

Chester guessed that the young beauty who looked like someone who was of mixed descent should be Freya Lynch.

In fact, he did not know much about Freya. However, if she insisted on visiting the graves of two deceased elders who were not her relatives every year, it meant that Freya was someone who cared about human ties.

If Rodney could marry Freya, she would be much better than Sarah.

“What about the brother and sister? Have you seen them before?” He asked.

The grave keeper shook his head. “I have no recollection of them. I saw them for the first time this year.”

“Thank you.”

When Chester left the cemetery, he took the initiative to call Rodney. “If you called me because of Shaun, then don’t bother. I won’t get involved. Do you think Sarah would really feel at ease by taking Shaun’s 100 billion?”

These days, Catherine was busy spending time with Lucas and Suzie.

During the weekend, she took her two children to the beach with Wesley for a staycation.

When she returned, Shaun made headlines again. News on [Shaun Hill’s attorney’s letter to recover 100 billion breakup fee from his ex-girlfriend] was abuzz.

Of course, there were many people on the Internet scolding him. [Are you even a man? Aren’t you embarrassed to ask someone to return the money you gave?]

[Sarah is really unlucky to have met you. You wasted her youth and now you want to recover your expenses.]

[I heard that all the jewelry and expenses spent on Sarah in the past few years will have to be compensated. Isn’t that a bit too much?

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