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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1056

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1056

“Yes, but you were hypnotized thereafter and threw a fit when I told you about it. That was also the time when I sensed that something was very wrong, but I didn’t dare to bring it up again.”

Hadley added, “At that time, you probably suspected that Sarah exchanged Jennifer’s ashes and told me to investigate. The people from the appraisal department said that it might be the ashes of a cat or dog.”

“Sarah changed Jennifer’s ashes to a cat or dog’s?” Chester completely froze.

He admitted that the word “kind” should never be used to describe him, but to replace the ashes of someone who died with those of a dog’s, how demented could that person be? “So the urn that was buried with Sarah’s father is just… an animal’s ashes?”

“You could say that.” Hadley nodded.

Shaun and Chester were both speechless at the same time.

After a long silence, Chester said in a low voice, “ Maybe… it was done by Thomas.”

“You don’t believe that she would be that bad?”

Shaun did not dare to believe Sarah anymore. “I’ve known her the longest, but she would risk ruining me by hypnotizing me. What happened with Logan was also definitely her handiwork. Is Thomas that smart?”

“Yes well, Thomas is bad but from the way he manages Nesson Corporation, you can tell that he’s brainless. If he had a brain, Neeson wouldn’t have stagnated even with me supporting them for so many years. If we hadn’t repeatedly bailed him out, he would have gone to prison long ago.”

Chester gave a long sigh. “We’ve known Sarah for more than ten years. In my heart, she has always been a very kind girl. When did she change? Is it because she experienced too many things in the few years she was in the United States?”

“Maybe she changed, or maybe… she’s always been this way and we just didn’t see it. She’s the best at disguising herself.”

Shaun suddenly said, “Thinking about it, when we were young, we always targeted Charity in order to protect Sarah because we thought that she always bullied Sarah. Maybe…”

Chester’s handsome face suddenly changed. The name ‘Charity’ was taboo to him. “You think it was Sarah who framed Charity too?”

Shaun looked at him conflictingly. “I don’t know.

That’s just my speculation.”

“Sarah is bad, so Charity won’t be any better either.” Chester’s face showed disgust. “Don’t forget that she had people burn Shelley to death. It’s clear that she’s also a vicious person.”

Shaun pursed his thin lips and did not speak.

Chester took off his glasses and pinched his eyebrows. “Thomas, Sarah, Charity. Those three people aren’t any better than each other. They’re all bad people.”

Just as he finished, Rodney called him.

Chester looked at the phone but did not answer.

Shaun reminded him, “Rodney should be calling you to persuade me. Sarah must be pushing him from behind. There’s no way she’ll return the money to me. She loves money and power. Ever since she met us, she’s been used to living the life of someone who stands above the rest.”

In the end, Chester did not pick up the phone. He drove and left Hill Corporation.

In the past, he was a very calm person, but at that moment, his mind was thinking about what Shaun said.


What did Shaun try to say? Maybe Charity never bullied Sarah before, and it was all an act directed and orchestrated by Sarah?

Hah. Where was the proof?

Just because they were not biological sisters?

The car was on the road for a while until he finally turned the steering wheel to go to the cemetery on the outskirts of the capital.

When he arrived at Boris and Jennifer’s tombstones, he saw that they had been exhumed. The two urns inside were missing.

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