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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1055

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1055

Chester was shocked by this realization.

Indeed, when the three of them got together, Shaun still remembered his old friends. He was only confused when it came to Catherine.

“If what you’re saying is true, then Sarah… is beyond terrible.” Chester shuddered. He had seen many narrow-minded women, but never someone a s good in deceiving as Sarah.

“No, she’s not terrible. She’s vicious.” Shaun sneered. “Professor Lincoln said that no one dared t o attempt this hypnosis because of the failure rate and also because it was almost inhumane, yet she used it on me. She said that she loved me, but she still did it despite being aware that I would become a retard if it failed.”

“Then, do you think… she’ll use it on Rodney too?” Chester asked hesitantly.

“Does she need to? Isn’t it clear that Rodney is focused on her whole -heartedly?” Shaun said in a deep voice, “In the past, I used to think that it was good for Sarah and Rodney to be together.”

“After all, Rodney loves her. But Sarah isn’t a good woman. She doesn’t like Rodney. What she likes is the Snow family’s background. She’s not someone who’s content with her own lot.”

“Are you talking about Lucifer?”

Shaun raised his brows. “She’s full of lies. I believed her then when she said that she was forced by Lucifer, but I don’t believe her now. If you ask me, she probably slept with Lucifer willingly. She said she fell into the hands of kidnappers when she disappeared in the States for so many years, but I don’t believe it.”

Chester quietly waited for him to continue.

“Think about it. At that time, the bodies of her classmates and friends were found, but hers wasn’t. We trusted her before, so we were convinced of whatever she said. What if she was full of lies?”

Shaun guessed, “ She said Lucifer threatened her with a few photos, but in fact, we all know about what happened to her in that incident back then. If I minded, I wouldn’t propose to marry her at all. It’s very likely that Lucifer didn’t just use some photos! ”

“She might have willingly slept with those kidnappers in order to stay alive back then! ”

Chester was once again shocked.

However, after thinking about it carefully, it was not impossible.

“It’s a shame that Lucifer is dead. There’s no evidence.”

“Yes, he’s dead. That’s the most terrible and fishy thing.” Shaun said thoughtfully.

Chester was silent for a long time.

He had to admit that he treated Sarah as his sister, so he needed time to digest all these revelations properly.

“There’s one more thing, ” Hadley spoke suddenly. “Eldest Young Master, three years ago, when you were still your normal self, you suddenly told me to go to the funeral home to take Jennifer Craven’s ashes to the lab for testing. I was shocked at that time but I did as you said, and found out that Jennifer’s ashes didn’t belong to a human at all.”

Chester was shocked. “If it wasn’t human, then what was it?”

Shaun murmured, “I think… you’ve mentioned that before.”

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