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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1054

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1054

When Shaun spoke, his pupils only held a cold hostility.

It was disgust and hatred that Chester had never seen before.

He could not understand why Shaun suddenly hated Sarah so much. Was it because of the kidnapping case with Logan before? He only had his suspicions though, as there was no other evidence to prove that Sarah was behind it.

“What exactly happened?” Chester asked.

“Would you believe me if I said it?” Shaun smiled cynically. “Rodney believes her. He doesn’t believe me at all.”

Chester’s handsome eyebrows frowned slightly. “ Tell me. Rodney loves Sarah too much. When it comes to emotions, there are some things that can’t be calmly analyzed.”

“Wasn’t I like that before too?” Shaun sneered and pointed at his own brain. “Three years ago, Sarah hypnotized me when she was treating me. I asked Professor Lincoln who treated me when I was young.”

“There’s an ancient type of hypnosis in Country Y that can tamper with someone’s feelings like a robot. Then, you can weave what you want them to feel, and stuff it into the person to change them. Now, do you understand why I suddenly wanted to get a divorce and be with Sarah three years ago? ”

Chester was a little stunned. “Are you overthinking it? If it were true, wouldn’t you have caught on to it before?”

“Yes, that’s actually what’s terrifying about this hypnosis. Didn’t you say that I used to eat KFC with Catherine, and I broke the legs of Young Master Kelly and the others for her? I began to find something was off, so I went to Melbourne to investigate. I found Chase and the nanny who used t o cook for me in Melbourne.”

“What they knew and saw were completely different from the memories I have in my mind. My memories were full of Catherine’s faults, and those memories made me hate her. I thought that she approached me because she was vain and she coveted my status!”

“My impression of her in my head was of an extremely vicious woman, and there’s no memory of me ever loving her.”

Shaun smiled sadly. “Chester, I know myself. If I loved her before, even if I don’t like her anymore, I would never be so cruel to someone who is pregnant with my child. At that time, my mind only had a love for Sarah. She did so much for me, so I had to be with her.

“But in the past three years, every time I tried to touch her, I physically felt nauseated and vomited. She hypnotized my brain, but my body subconsciously resisted her. I didn’t have any problem when I touched Catherine.”

Chester could not wrap his brain around what he was hearing. As a doctor, it was the first time he heard about something like this. “Could it be a coincidence? Or maybe it was done by others.”

“No, it had to be her. None of my other feelings were tampered with except that I suddenly fell in love with Sarah. After my feelings changed, Sarah was the only one who benefitted from it.

Furthermore, Professor Lincoln said that the person who did it must be someone I completely trusted, otherwise it wouldn’t have succeeded! ”

“The success rate was also very, very low. If it had failed, I would’ve become a retard.”

Shaun smiled bitterly. “That’s not all. It is not treatable because the success rate of the treatment i s even lower. It’s only 0.01%. If it fails, I’ll also become a retard.”

Chester’s expression was conflicted and despondent. It was no wonder Rodney did not believe Shaun. It was too outrageous.

Hadley could not help but say, “Young Master Jewell, Eldest Young Master is right. In fact, Ms. Jones and I noticed three years ago that something was off with the Eldest Young Master. We asked top psychologists and doctors and they all said the same thing, so we gave up trying to treat him. Little did we expect that he would suddenly break the spell now.”

“Chester, you and Rodney weren’t with me all the time unlike Hadley and Cathy, who lived under the same roof as me every day. That’s probably why you didn’t notice.”

Shaun said faintly, “Moreover, I’ve been with Sarah for more than ten years, so it’s normal that you guys think I haven’t forgotten her, but think about it, did I ever forget memories about Rodney and you?”

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