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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1053

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1053

Sarah was too much of a b*tch.

She was so much of a btch that Shaun wanted to shoot himself. Was he blind? How could he not see what a btch she was?

“Rodney, you’ll be ruined by this woman sooner or later,” Shaun said through gritted teeth.

“ Shaun, how did you become like this? It’s fine if you don’ t want her, but you don’ t let me be with her either.” Rodney frowned deeply. “Sarah is where I draw the line, and if this happens again, I’ll call the police. It doesn’t matter if we used to be brothers, I’ll let everything be solved according to the law.”

“Fine.” Shaun nodded, almost dying from anger. “I won’t talk nonsense with you. Sarah Neeson, I just want to tell you that within two days, give back to me all the money I once gave you, including all the money that I spent for you in these three days. If you’re not willing, I’ll send you an attorney’s letter.”

Sarah said ruefully, “Shaun, are you still the Shaun I know?”

Rodney was furious. “Shaun Hill, you’re too f*cking shameless. You have the nerve to take back what you gave?”

“Why not? I never f*cking touched her, but I gave her 1oo billion and funded Neeson Corporation for three years. I let her live a high life. Hah, these years, I’d rather donate all that money than giving i t to her.”

Shaun sneered and got into the car with Hadley, and left.

Sarah grew anxious. “Rodney, how did Shaun suddenly become like this? I took all that money and invested it. I never thought he would want it back.”

“I never thought that Shaun was so shameless.” Rodney patted her on the shoulder, not knowing what to say. “If he really appeals and with his influence, who can beat him?”

Colors drained from Sarah’s face. Asking her to return all the money was the same as asking for her life.

Without that money, how could she lead a luxurious life in the future? The rich ladies in the capital would never fawn over her again.

“But last time, he went to court with Catherine and lost…”

“That was because he didn’t argue. With his eloquence in court, he can make it so a dead person is said to be alive.”

Rodney thought about it and said, “I’ll discuss it with Chester and let him persuade Shaun. If it doesn’t work, just forget it and hand him back the real estate. We’ll keep our distance from him in the future. At most… we’ll cut ties with him.”

Rodney felt that the current Shaun was too disappointing.

Sarah wanted to vomit blood.

The real estate was worth tens of billions. In the end, it was just Rodney who was too useless.

When Shaun returned to the company, he immediately submitted the indictment.

Chester came to Hill Corporation that afternoon. He looked at Shaun with a heavy expression. “

Shaun, are you short of money now? You could’ve told me. I’m your brother. I’ll lend you as much as I can.”

Shaun shook his head. “With how Hill Corporation is now, it can’t immediately improve just by investing money in it. I just… don’t want to give the money to Sarah. She’s unworthy. A vicious woman like her doesn’t deserve to live in this world at all.”

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