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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1052

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1052

“Shaun, you’re already entangled with lawsuits. If something happens to me, you’ll definitely go to prison.” Sarah was frightened by his demented look and had to distract him. “Think about your grandparents. Think about the Hill family. They’re depending on you now.”

“You ruined me. Do you think I still care about my life?” Shaun gripped Sarah’s chin and lifted her body. At that moment, he just wanted to kill her with his own hands.

Sarah’s face turned purple and her body kept shaking in the water.

“Eldest Young Master…”

“Shaun Hill, what are you doing to Sarah?”

Hadley and Rodney, who rushed in, spoke at the same time.

After Rodney ripped Shaun away from Sarah, he hurriedly rescued her out of the water.

“Rodney, he’s so scary.” Sarh hugged him and burst into tears. “He wanted to kill me. I almost couldn’t breathe. I… I’m so scared.”

When Rodney saw the circle of red marks on her neck, blood rushed to his brain and he punched Shaun in anger. “You son of a b*tch.”

He did not dare to imagine what would happen if Sarah had not called him earlier. He sped all the way here after she said that she was afraid after someone broke into her home. If he had come one minute later, Sarah might have died.

Shaun dodged back and blocked Rodney’s fist. “Rodney, calm down. Sarah isn’t a simple woman at all. She…”

“Shut up. You’ve hurt Sarah and have no right to talk about her at all. Even if you’re my brother, I won’t hold back.”

Rodney’s fist was relentless.

Shaun had no choice but to throw him to the ground directly, and roared, “Three years ago, Sarah hypnotized me when she was treating me.

She tampered with my memory and made me think that I loved her. Wake up!”

“This woman would do any imaginable misdeed. She doesn’t love you. She just treats you like a fallback guy because you have an uncle behind you who will soon be president. She had an affair with Lucifer, but it wasn’t because she was forced. She did it willingly…”

Rodney was stunned and then gave Shaun an incredulous look. “Are you crazy? What hypnosis? I think you’re delusional. We’ve known Sarah since we were kids. Do you think I wouldn’t understand her?”

Shaun glared at him. Rodney was acting delirious, just like how he was before. “Think about it carefully. Three years ago, I suddenly wanted to divorce Catherine, but Catherine and I were clearly in love with each other…”

“In love?” Rodney interrupted him. “You’ve had feelings for Sarah for more than a decade. Is that feeling comparable to what you have for Catherine, whom you’ve only known for several months? It’s normal for Sarah and you to get back together when she came back to you.”

Shaun was speechless. If Rodney was not his brother, he would have beaten him to death.

“Shaun, I really didn’t hypnotize you.” Sarah choked and cried. “I’ve never even heard of such a thing. How can there be hypnosis that can tamper with people’s feelings? If I could do it, I would’ve used it on you before so you wouldn’t leave me.”

“Did you hear that?” Rodney hugged Sarah tightly. “Shaun, don’t you think I won’t report to the police what you just did to Sarah.”

“D-Don’t report it.” Sarah hurriedly said, “He’s involved with a lawsuit now. If you report that he wants to murder me, he might really get locked up.”

“Hear that? Even now, she’s still thinking about you.” Rodney felt more upset the more he heard her. “Sarah is a kind person. How could you even mention hypnosis? Shaun, are you trying to torture her heart?”

Shaun wanted to vomit blood.

He finally understood how Catherine felt when she was facing him. It was a desperate attempt to wake someone who’s asleep and the person would not give a d*mn about what you had to say.

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